What They're Saying about KiDs Beach Club®

"KiDs Beach Club® has been an incredible outreach tool for our church. The strategy of KiDs Beach Club® keeps us 'externally focused' and the people of KiDs Beach Club® keep us equipped and in touch with ways to reach families for Christ. We're both grateful and excited about continuing our ongoing partnership with KiDs Beach Club® as we reach into schools of our community for Christ."

John Meador
, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Euless, Texas

"I’ve got to be careful with the over excitement I have with KiDs Beach Club® because it almost seems like it’s just too good to be true. Seeing some of the lives that have been changed through this ministry has been pretty extraordinary and nothing short of miraculous. Hickory Tree Baptist Church ran 40 people eight years ago and now as a growing church of over 100. We are ministering to more than 300 children a week in two different schools. We’re seeing 10 percent of those 300 kids come to our church. We’re running out of space. We don’t know what to do. We’re learning as we go, so we’re really excited about that. If we had the manpower or the resources we would probably be at five clubs right now; we’re just that convinced of this ministry."

Alex GonzalesPastor
Hickory Tree Baptist Church, Balch Springs, Texas

"KiDs Beach Club® has helped our students in a number of ways. It's important to teach our kids about academics, but it's equally important to teach the whole child. We can't teach the Bible as a school, but Beach Club can do that. I have seen students' self-esteem and self-worth grow in a positive manner. I have seen students who sometimes have a bad attitude with adults and peers be able to turn things around and start making friends. you see the kids coming together as a family. I love everything about Beach Club! It's a wonderful program and I think it's awesome for our kids to be able to participate.

"We’re seeing such a difference. Our discipline is drastically down, that’s huge. It’s fun to see the change in the kids. One of those who was a repeat offender - a frequent flyer to our office - came in yesterday and said, 'I just need to calm myself down before I get into trouble.' Last year he would have just thrown a punch. When I asked him what he was thinking, he told me about a story that he learned in Beach Club. It’s fun to see the change in the kids. It’s making a difference not just in school but also in their whole lives."

Tonya Mamantov, Ed.D., Principal
Floyd Elementary School, Balch Spring, Texas
Mesquite ISD

"KiDs Beach Club® has been such a blessing to the Bellaire Elementary Community. KBC provides a safe, nurturing environment after school for the students to learn about and study Christianity. Many of the students respond that KBC gives them an opportunity to 'go to church' since they do not attend any type of service as a family. We are very lucky that KBC is in our community and cherish the realtionship we have with them!"

Mick Sandoval, Ed.D., Principal
Bellaire Elementary School, Hurst, Texas
Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD

“It is really neat to be able to come into a public place where you know that you may not be received well and we get to share Christ. We have had several children who have accepted Christ here at Mohawk Elementary and that’s been very exciting and it really gives you energy from week to week and year to year to do this because there are kids here who don’t know Jesus and they have accepted Him and that’s been very exciting. The Holy Spirit is at work in a mighty way in this public school.

Mike Heinz, Beach Club Volunteer
Mohawk Elementary, Richardson, Texas

"KiDs Beach Club® is without a doubt the most creative way to reach into our culture and present the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to children around our communities. This is a unique approach to witnessing and sharing that God has blessed in an incredible way. I’ve never seen anything like it in my 57 years of ministry.”

Dr. Jimmy Draper, President Emeritus
LifeWay Christian Resources


"I am convinced that KiDs Beach Club® is a great tool to reach our community. As a senior pastor, I have been frustrated trying to find ways to share Christ on our public school campuses. Our church continued to experience restrictions and barriers when we tried to connect to our local school campuses. When the leaders of KiDs Beach Club® told me our church members could actually present the gospel to elementary school kids on a school campus, I was hooked!

I had no idea we could access elementary schools this easily. When I told my church, they jumped at the chance to influence kids in our community. KiDs Beach Club® has been a huge success in influencing kids and getting our church members involved in community transformation.

Thank you for the great impact you are making for the Kingdom. I am excited and our church is excited to be a part of this awesome movement.
Ronny Marriott, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Burleson, Texas

“When I first heard the logic for utilizing KiDs Beach Club® as pre-evangelism for Can We Talk, I immediately saw it as a blend of two fantastic strategies with great Kingdom potential. Both CWT and KBC are proven to powerfully impact lostness as stand alone ministries, but the blessings magnify when they are used together.

"This was proven to me first hand when I visited a KBC participant and his mother in November 2014 in Bedford, Texas. KBC opened the door for us to visit Felicia and Fabian in their home and God used CWT to open this young mother’s heart to the Gospel. In just minutes, Felicia prayed to receive Christ and plans were made to follow up with Fabian. After this event, if I had any doubts about utilizing CWT and KBC as complimentary ministries they were long gone.

"So if you are seeking qualified contacts for your CWT participants to visit, KBC is a proven source that will provide them. It’s a key piece of what we do in our overall evangelism strategy at First Odessa because it works!”

Byron McWilliams, Lead Pastor
First Baptist Church, Odessa, Texas

"One of our volunteers asked one little boy, ‘Do you have a church you go to?’ and he said, ‘Well this is my church, this is it.’ To me this is just awesome that we’re able to bring Jesus into the schools and that they can meet Him there, so that to me has just been a blessing.”

"I’m seeing in our volunteers that they’re just amazed that God is using them in this way and it’s a powerful way. This is not just an hour of their time every week, this is eternal impact for these children. So it’s been exciting to see how God is using our volunteers; how He’s blessing us through it; and of course, how He’s blessing these children at Whitley Road. It’s just been amazing.”

Jonna Jones, Children’s Pastor
Northside Church of the Nazarene, Watauga, Texas

“These kids are not getting the truth at home. They’re not seeing God or Christ in their homes. This is your one shot. This is your chance to do something for them to bust the mold. What do you think this program is doing for this lost generation? What kind of life preserver is being thrown to them? You should consider re-naming this ministry ‘Kids Life Preserver’ or ‘Kids Life Saver.’”

Chris Krok, Radio Talk-Show Host
WBAP 820 AM, Dallas, Texas