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Revised January 1, 2017  |  Available as PDF (English)  |  Available as PDF (Spanish)

KiDs Beach Club®, Inc. (KBC) wants you to know how we address privacy issues on the website and offline. This Privacy Policy sets out KBC policies regarding treatment of information that may be considered to be private. It governs both our online and offline data collection practices and use of personal information obtained both on line and offline. KiDs Beach Club® reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time and will post changes here. You agree to revisit this page regularly and your continued access to or use of the website will mean you agree to the changes. We will post any changes here and encourage you to check this page frequently for changes to the policy. A copy of the current Privacy Policy may also be obtained by writing KiDs Beach Club® at P.O. Box 635, Euless, Texas 76039.

How Personal Information Is Collected
KiDs Beach Club® may collect and/or track for each visitor to a KBC website the following: home server domain names, e-mail addresses, type of computer, type of web browser, non-user specific information on which pages of our website you access or visit, and information volunteered by the user such as survey information or site registrations. We may place cookies on visitors’ hard drives to save data about individual visitors such as name, password, username, screen preferences, pages viewed and advertisements viewed or clicked by the visitor. When the visitor next visits we may then recognize and customize the experience accordingly. Visitors may decline cookies by using the appropriate feature of their web software, if available. This may impair certain features of the site. When a visitor performs a search of the site we may record information linking the visitor to the search performed. We may also record limited information associated with a search made by the visitor and use that information for, among other things, solving technical problems with the service and calculating overall usage statistics.

How and When Personal Information Is Used
KiDs Beach Club® may use personally identifiable information in a number of ways, including: to communicate with you about your account; to communicate information about the website; to build more useful services; to analyze usage trends and measure demographics; to provide prompt, effective customer service; to support the operation of the site; troubleshoot problems, resolve disputes; enforce the terms and conditions of use; and/or to send you promotional communications and materials on products, services and other opportunities. Personal information may be used until we receive an opt-out notice pursuant to this privacy policy and have a reasonable time to implement the opt out.

Disclosure of Personal Data
KiDs Beach Club® may disclose personally identifiable information about you to third-parties as follows: with your consent; to facilitate a transaction or communication with a third party that you have initiated; to provide data to providers of services or products and companies associated with them; and/or to our agents and advisors, but then only to the degree necessary for them to provide services to you or us. Unless you consent we will not provide email or telephone information to a third party. Personally identifiable information may also be released as permitted or required by law.

Collection of Data from Children
This site is not intended for use by children under the age of 13. We will not knowingly collect or post information for or about children under 13 without parent or guardian consent or knowingly provide personal identifying information to third parties about children under 13.

How Personal Information Is Protected
KiDs Beach Club® has implemented numerous security features to prevent the unauthorized release of personal information. When a visitor provides information through the site, KiDs Beach Club® offers the visitor a chance to use a secure server which encrypts all information the visitor inputs before it is sent to KiDs Beach Club®. This server is also used to store information securely. Any personal information transmitted across public networks or transmitted wirelessly will be encrypted, as will any personal information accessible from a laptop or other portable device.

Collection of Social Security Numbers (Volunteers Only)
Certain transactions may require a user to provide a Social Security number. If collected, the Social Security number will be protected in the same manner as other personal information as stated above. In addition, it will only be accessed by individuals necessary to effectuate the service requiring it. If we require you to transmit your Social Security number over the Internet we will provide a secure connection or have the number encrypted. We will not require your social security number to access our website. We will not print your social security number on a card or mail it unless required to enroll in a requested benefit as part of an application or unless required by state or federal law.

Disposal of Personal Data
Data will be destroyed in a secure fashion according to industry standards, including shredding and destruction where applicable.

Third Party Websites
The site may contain links to other Internet websites. Unless we explicitly state otherwise, we have no control over these third party sites and their privacy practices, and this Privacy Policy applies only to information you supply or that we collect in connection with use of this site. You should review the privacy policies of any other site you visit.

Opt-Out Right
Visitors may opt-out of having their personal information used by KiDs Beach Club® for secondary purposes or used by KiDs Beach Club® to send promotional correspondence or educational materials by writing to the address above or by calling us by phone at 817-510-5885 during business hours.

Contact of Visitors
KiDs Beach Club reserves the right to contact visitors to the site regarding their use of the site.

Access and Ability to Correct Personal Data
Upon request by via mail or phone (during regular business hours and after verifying identity) KiDs Beach Club® will provide to visitors a summary of any personally identifiable information retained by KiDs Beach Club® regarding visitor. Visitor may modify, correct, change or update personally identifiable information that KiDs Beach Club® has collected through the site or may cause their personal information to be removed from the data base.

Right to Change Privacy Policy
KiDs Beach Club® may change the Privacy Policy or content of our site at any time. Changes will be posted on this site and you are encouraged to check this space frequently. 

Who Has Access to Personal Information?
Only the individuals who need access to perform the functions stated herein and service your membership and benefits will have access to your personal data.

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