Christian Gaming for KiDs

KiDs Beach Club® has teamed up with Lightgliders to provide
a dynamic interactive gaming experience online for your preteen
while giving parents opportunities for rich conversations.

As preteens navigate the Lightgliders world, they will
encounter KiDs Beach Club® character-focused resources
and even have the opportunity to earn gear!

Your subscription to Lightgliders also helps support
KiDs Beach Club® content enhancements with Lightgliders!

Download a flyer to share with friends!

Download a poster to display in your school or church!

Watch the video below to learn more about Lightgliders,
what you can expect as a parent, what your kids can expect
when playing, and why it was created.

Screen Time Needs to Be Redeemed!

  • KiDs spend over 5 hours each day on digital devices, and 74% play video games regularly.
  • Fundamental perspectives on truth, morality, purpose, and faith are firmly in place before the age of 13.
  • 50% of KiDs who grow up in church do not believe life has purpose and 90% do not believe the Bible is relevant.



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Lightgliders is the Fun, Redemptive Solution!

Lightgliders is a digital platform of Christian faith, fun, games, and community for KiDs ages 6-12.

  • Fun games, videos, and activities for KiDs
  • A multiplayer online game with character customization, missions, and events
  • A biblical worldview curriculum with weekly Bible-based lessons and reflection questions
  • Safe, ad-free screen time accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Weekly parent and leader resources to encourage meaningful conversations







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