Mar 09 11:34 AM

Back Into The Fold

Mar 09 11:34 AM
Mar 09 11:34 AM

Jana and I were attending a church in west Fort Worth when we had first become a couple. While I enjoyed the church, Jana did not. Admittedly, the church was a bit overbearing and one Sunday someone had gotten onto our 3-year-old, Timothy, for dancing in the church. That was our limit, and we did not return. We just drifted away from church altogether until... the same dancing toddler reached third grade and came home with an information/permission slip about KiDs Beach Club®. He attended Beach Club every week and apparently loved the program. He would memorize the scripture given to him every week and just would not stop about Ms. Janet. 

One day after Beach Club, Tim had come outside with Ms. Janet in tow and she invited the family to Centerpoint Church. We were invited a few times, and we came to the Easter egg hunt and had a bit of an eye opener. We found an inviting atmosphere, relaxed and eager to share the Gospel without the pushiness of a used car salesman. We attended services the next day and were VERY happy that we did.

Our lives have changed from there.  We finally saw that God is with us as a family. Jana and I have found out what it’s like to be part of a church family, and most importantly HOW TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WTH GOD. The relationship part seemed to be missing before. Church attendance seemed more robotic than anything else. Here we have found a church family. I know this is not huge to some families, but one change I have really enjoyed is our family prays and gives thanks before dinner now. That did not happen before, ever. Now we are all calling out dibs on prayer, the same way someone would call shotgun on a ride to the store. We share what we are thankful for, and I am very thankful for all the things that my children have to be thankful for, even if supper is getting cold. We are truly blessed.

Our children have given their life to Christ and share the gospel with anyone that will listen. Timothy, the one who went to Beach Club all 3 years and badgered us almost daily about going to church, gave his life to Christ in the 3rd grade. Ms. Janet and Pastor Jay baptized him soon afterward.

Every bit of this started with KiDs Beach Club®. We weren't getting off of our backsides and God used Beach Club and an 8 year old to get us back in the fold.


Mar 09 11:29 AM

Bit Impacts That Make It All Worthwhile

Mar 09 11:29 AM
Mar 09 11:29 AM

“I was about eight years old and after I prayed to receive Christ at KiDs Beach Club ®, I began attending church,” said Timothy Lowery, a former Beach Club student and current volunteer.  “I would come into Beach Club every week and ask if I could have a part in the Bible story.”

Timothy is a student at the Richland High School and walks about a mile to Holiday Heights Elementary school each week to volunteer at the Beach Club and because he also once sat in the same gymnasium to hear these stories just a few years ago, he has a special connection to the volunteers and students at the club.

“It’s fun to see these kids here each week and to know that I was once sitting here not too long ago myself.  By volunteering with Beach Club the last two years, I’ve realized that I would love to work in kids ministry someday,” said Timothy. “KiDs Beach Club® provides a great opportunity for kids to learn and grow in Christ outside of church each week.”

When Timothy began attending Beach Club as a child, he did not have a church home.  During one of the gospel presentations, he prayed to receive Christ and asked the Bible teacher, Janet Bruner, if she would come out to the car to invite his dad to church. 

“I walked out to the car to talk to Timothy’s dad and he was hesitant at first, but I would invite him every so often to come to church and finally he did,” said Janet Bruner. “They ended up coming to our Easter Eggsperiance at Center Point Church and over time his entire family came to Christ.”

“We finally saw that God is with us as a family. Jana (Timothy’s mom) and I have found out what it’s like to be part of a church family, and most importantly HOW TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WTH GOD,” said Terry Lowery, Timothy’s father. “Every bit of this started with KiDs Beach Club®.  We weren't getting off of our backsides and God used Beach Club and an 8-year old to get us back in the fold.”

“Now when I see Timothy’s dad, I can see the love of Christ all over his face,” said Janet.  “When you see the impact that KBC can make on a family, it makes it all worthwhile.”

Read a letter from Timothy's dad on just how much KBC and Center Point Church impacted the family here.

Mar 04 11:25 AM

It Starts With Children

Mar 04 11:25 AM
Mar 04 11:25 AM

“It starts with children.  When we change the heart, mind, and souls of children, that is when we change America.  It is more important than who is in the White House or the head of Disney.  We need a 2-3 generation turnaround and it must begin today,” said George Barna, founder of The Barna Group, an evangelical Christian polling research firm.

The worldview of children is being changed through KiDs Beach Club® and we are thrilled to be partnering with George Barna for our Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner.  Come enjoy dinner and hear the results of Barna’s research on what it will take to reclaim the Christian worldview of families in America.

“There are three big players that are shaping the worldview of children in America.  They are family, government, and media.  The government and media are not going to help us, but the families, ministries, churches, and Christian schools have an opportunity, but we must have a plan,” said Barna.

The philosophy of many ministries is often to reach and change the hearts of adults, but the fight is being waged in the hearts and minds of kids.  KBC is dedicated to reaching the hearts of children and connecting them and their families to churches.  We have seen clubs where 62% of those that indicated they did not have a church affiliation at the beginning of the club year, then indicated at the end of the year that they have united with a church. 

Join us on Friday, April 24 at 7 p.m. for the Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner at the Texas Motor Speedway.  This benefit dinner directly funds the Bibles for our KBC clubs throughout the country.

“What are you going to do to change the worldview of children in America?  We cannot rely on anyone else,” said Barna. Click here to reserve your tickets today.

Mar 03 10:13 AM

Volunteering Across The Generations

Mar 03 10:13 AM
Mar 03 10:13 AM

The classroom began to come alive as the volunteers busied themselves with all the final touches.  The minutes were ticking away and then it was time to join hands and pray for the KiDs Beach Club® meeting that was about to begin at Pearson Elementary School.

Across the room, generations gathered to share the everlasting truths of God’s word with the next generation.  “I want to see the younger generations make God the center of everything,” said Jennifer Brumbaugh, high school student and volunteer at KiDs Beach Club®.  “It creates a happier place when God is at the center of it.”

“I enjoy seeing kids learn about God and connect it to everything so that it will all make sense,” said Lauren Cook, student and KiDs Beach Club® volunteer. 

These and other students gather each week at Beach Clubs across the country to join with adult volunteers to share the gospel.  “I see older adults in passing at church, but by working side by side with them, I’m learning how to share the word of God,” said Jennifer. “The adults see things differently and I am able to learn from them.”  

Jennifer and Lauren are members of a high school club known as FTI (Future Teacher Internship). These future teachers are excited to see God’s word being presented in the schools and they are already noticing the difference that the character words are making in the lives of the students as they begin to catch themselves when they are not living out the character of Christ in the classroom.

“I was excited to volunteer and have the opportunity to work with children,” said Lauren. “These students are beginning to correct themselves as they are learning these character words each week.”

“Our adult volunteers enjoy working alongside of the teenagers.  They are sure to include them in the teaching activities,” said Suzanne Massey, Strategic Growth Coordinator at KiDs Beach Club®. “They bring a fresh perspective and serve as role models to these students.”

The Gospel is timeless and the volunteers at KBC reflect the truth from Psalm 145:4 “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.” If you are not already a part of a KBC community, find your place today. Click here to find a club to serve at.

Feb 26 10:24 AM

I Don't Like My Bible, I LOVE My Bible

Feb 26 10:24 AM
Feb 26 10:24 AM

The students at Pearson Elementary School have been asking for weeks, when they would be receiving their Bible at the Great Treasure Day! The day finally arrived!

The room was filled with excitement as over 40 students made their way into the small classroom.  The Bibles were set, the cupcakes were ready, and each leader was in position to connect with their students and be a warm and welcoming face as they filed in. 

The music began and the gospel was shared.  With hands raised, the everyday classroom transformed into a place of worship.  Students were singing out praises to the Lord, hearing God’s word proclaimed, and then finally the moment arrived.

Each child was called up and received their very own Bible with a special note just for them.  The students opened the Bible with great anticipation and read their notes.  “Lucas, The Lord will always help you as you face things - good and bad.  I will be praying for you and your family,” said Lucas, a KBC student as he read his letter.

“It’s amazing that many of these kids received their first Bible today. In many cases, it’s not just the child’s first Bible but it’s a family’s first Bible,” said Julie Tomko, Children’s Pastor at FBC Rowlette. “We are used to seeing kids receive Bibles, but they don’t always touch it the way these kids do.  For many of the children at church, they grow up with Bibles in the home, but for many at KBC this is their first Bible.”

“The students treat KiDs Beach Club® as if it were a privilege,” said Jehieli Garcia, Assistant Principal at Pearson Elementary School.  “God’s word changes lives,” said Tomko.  “Teachers have seen a transformation in students through KiDs Beach Club®.”

“I don’t like my Bible, I love my Bible,” said Xavier, KBC student. “I like to read it at night before I go to bed.”

These Bibles are placed in the hands of every student that attends KiDs Beach Club® through generous donations.  The Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinnerprovides the funds needed for the Bibles.  We would like to invite you to join us in bringing the transforming word of God to children in public schools by attending our benefit dinner or making a donation. Click here to learn more.

Feb 21 7:25 PM

Bibles For Beach Club Benefit Dinner Speaker Announced!

Feb 21 7:25 PM
Feb 21 7:25 PM

"Churches must begin now to come along-side parents and equip them to provide their children - at the earliest age possible - with biblical precepts that will protect them from a barrage of worldly ideas and teaching that is hostile to the biblical worldview," said George Barna, award winning author and pollster. 

KiDs Beach Club® is proud to announce that George Barna will be the keynote speaker at the Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner and Auction on April 24.  Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions is one of his greatest works where he makes a case for why children should be the church's number one priority.

The mission of KiDs Beach Club® is to mobilize churches to go outside of their walls in order to bring the message of Christ into the heart of the community.  The heart of the community is found in our children and they are often found in our schools.  By bringing God's word to these children in their schools, the doors are open for churches to begin ministering not just to the children but to the family.  

We hope that you will join us in making an eternal difference in the lives of children and their families by attending our Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner.  The event will include pace car rides for table hosts, a delicious meal, and an inspiring message from George Barna! 

Tickets go on sale February 24!

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