A Message to Educators from KiDs Beach Club® Founder Jack Terrell

Every school has a certain culture that gives it that “feel” when you walk in the door. It’s that immeasurable impression defined by the cohesion of the people, the program and the role that school plays in the community. It’s easy to discern by anyone who enters, whether they can verbalize it or not, but usually is identified by the phrase, “this school just feels good.”

KiDs Beach Club® is an after-school Bible Club that meets one day each week for one hour right after school for 24 weeks. By design, our organization partners a local church and neighboring school for the purpose of building communities through the relationships of volunteerism and the teaching of positive character qualities through a biblical lens. We screen and train our volunteers and encourage them to “plug in” to school life and find ways to support their schools for the purpose of creating and improving a culture that meets the needs of the entire school community. By contracting with school districts through their board-approved processes and requiring parent permission for Club attendance, we avoid unnecessary conflicts and develop working partnerships. Because of our program’s design, we have the ability to work seamlessly alongside after-school care programs that are already in many of our schools.

We know our schools have been charged with a high calling to not only educate, but to feed, provide basic necessities, and in many cases, raise the next generation. KiDs Beach Club® can be an asset for you and your students in achieving your goals and gives you another aspect of your school “that just feels good!”

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University of Arizona Researchers Report on The Educational Value of KiDs Beach Club®

The KiDs Beach Club® (KBC) after-school program plays an important role in the academic life of public elementary schools by meeting student social-emotional needs, improving student behaviors, and developing leadership among students, according to researchers at the University of Arizona.

Their study found that, “KBC serves a valuable role as the supplemental support system that can act as an extension of school efforts to support their students and...fill the gap in the school’s ability to support their students and meet their needs.”

Researchers studied elementary schools that have a KiDs Beach Club® program. Principals at these schools noted several challenges that their schools faced and how KBC assisted in meeting those challenges. Student social, emotional, and behavioral issues were all concerns. The COVID-19 pandemic was seen as causing deterioration in student interpersonal skills and reducing their ability to empathize and demonstrate kindness toward others. Principals noted the lack of time and resources available within the school day to address the needs for emotional and behavioral maturity, making the KBC after-school program especially important. Schools, especially those designated as Title I, also faced a lack of parental support at home.

Principals noted that an integral part of the supplemental support KBC provides schools are KBC’s adult volunteers and the “benefit of having adults other than their school’s faculty contribute toward instilling positive behavior in students.” One principal was quoted as saying “KBC taught students how to be a friend, what it is like to stand up for someone, and how to become leaders.” The study found that KBC’s use of Biblical stories, parables, and lessons were uniquely valuable in instilling values in ways the school could not because of their religious basis. Students responded with excitement about religion.

The study found a correlation between KiDs Beach Club® attendance and student behavior improvement. One principal noted that there are not behavior concerns for students who attend KiDs Beach Club®. This principal stated that if more students were involved with KBC, the school would see a greater increase in positive behavior. Another principal noted an increase in students participating in school-wide community projects because of KiDs Beach Club®.

All principals who participated in the research rated the program highly. “KBC was able to support the schools in their goals to help students with improving soft skills and character development,” the study concluded. The program provided additional opportunity for students to “learn, grow, and be supported beyond the classroom.” KiDs Beach Club® helps “students develop their behavioral and emotional maturity by teaching students good values and how to be better people.”

The study found that the primary educational benefit of KiDs Beach Club® was the development of student soft skills and character, which contributed to overall learning.


Researchers used qualitative methodology to conduct four case studies of public elementary schools. Schools were randomly selected from a pool of 44 schools that had the KiDs Beach Club® program for at least three years and that had the same principal during that period. Researchers conducted phone interviews with principals during fall of 2022. The principal’s responses were recorded and turned into data for analysis.

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  • Reinforces character words taught in schools
  • Principals report changes in student behavior because of participation in a Beach Club®


  • KiDs Beach Club® operates under legal parameters, as permitted by the Equal Access Act
  • KiDs Beach Club® screens and trains all volunteers
  • KiDs Beach Club® carries a $1 million liability insurance policy for students and volunteers while in Club
  • KiDs Beach Club® negotiates lease agreements with school districts for the duration of the Club year (typically a 24-week period)


  • KiDs Beach Club® facilitates relationships between local churches and schools
  • Beach Clubs® only operate with a partnering church and neighborhood school working together
  • KiDs Beach Club® trains volunteers to build lasting relationships with school administration, kids, and their families
  • KiDs Beach Club® volunteers often come from both church and school
  • KiDs Beach Club® volunteers serve in mentor-type relationships benefiting public school students


  • 100% of volunteers are trained in child protection and safety
  • 100% of volunteers are screened by a 3rd party national background check, including sex offender database searches
  • Extensive training and support by paid KiDs Beach Club® staff members

Is KiDs Beach Club® Legal?

The most frequently asked question we hear is, “How can you do this in a public school?” This question is propagated from a complete misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the phrase “separation of church and state.”

The answer comes from the 2001 United States Supreme Court ruling in the case of Good News Club v. Milford Central School. In that case, the Supreme Court ruled that public schools cannot exclude Bible Clubs from meeting after hours at the school’s limited public forum because such exclusion constitutes unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination. In other words, if schools allow other outside groups to meet on school property, then allowing organizations such as KiDs Beach Club® is perfectly within the law. In fact, not only is it within the law, but to deny equal access simply because of religious content is actually discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Even so, in order to help keep our schools free from outside scrutiny or criticism, KiDs Beach Club® works within the district and school’s board-approved protocols to lease the facilities that we utilize while we are on campus. Additionally, we require a parent permission form to be completed for any child who participates in KiDs Beach Club®. This allows the forum for our Beach Clubs® to be clearly identified and separated from the school program. By following these processes, we help protect the school and district and avoid conflict from other groups who may differ in their viewpoints of what we teach.

What makes KiDs Beach Club® Unique?

KiDs Beach Club® is a multi-dimensional ministry that serves as a bridge between churches and schools. Every element of KiDs Beach Club® fosters positive relationships and establishes ongoing partnerships between churches and schools that benefit the whole community. 

Search Institute has identified 40 Developmental Assets as building blocks that help young people grow to be healthy, caring and responsible adults. KiDs Beach Club® (KBC) helps students in many of these areas!


"40 Developmental Assets" Article

What are Other Educators Saying about KiDs Beach Club®?



Frequently Asked Questions from Educators

What is KiDs Beach Club®?

KiDs Beach Club® (KBC) is a non-profit 501c-3 organization that partners with churches to provide after-school Bible Clubs in school districts across the United States. All federal, state, and local policies are followed in securing approval, leasing space, and working closely with principals to secure permission to hold a Beach Club® on the school campus. Students who attend have permission from parents / guardians who have also acknowledged that the Club is a faith-based Bible Club that “connects KiDs to Christ and puts Bibles in their hands.”

Can any child attend a Beach Club®?

KiDs Beach Club® welcomes and embraces all children of all faiths, nationalities, and ethnicities. Clubs are open to all preteens eight to twelve years old, with some open to younger children.

What do you teach?

KiDs Beach Club® is a Christian organization that teaches character through the lens of the Bible. Beach Club® curriculum includes 24 lessons, each with a themed character word, Bible story, and Bible verse that reinforces the weekly theme. Lessons teach students how to practically live-out and apply the character quality in relationship with others.

How much space is needed?

The average Beach Club® size is 50 kids and it typically is open to all third through sixth graders who want to attend. Historically, Clubs meet in classrooms, music rooms, libraries, cafeterias, and school gymnasiums. The space needed depends on the number of kids who enroll. If space is limited, enrollment for the Club can be restricted.

What is the process to obtain parental approval?

KBC requires parent permission be obtained prior to any child attending a Beach Club®. As an exception, a child may attend one time only with a verified verbal consent from the parent. All additional Beach Club® attendances require a signed parent permission form. Copies of the permission form are kept on file in the KBC Offices, kept with the Club Leader during Club, and copies can be provided to the administrative offices of the school at any time.

How do you handle injuries or behavioral issues?

Volunteers manage behavior through positive reinforcement and re-direction combined with advance preparation. In the event of a major behavior problem or minor injury, the Club Leader will complete an “Ouch Report” and provide a copy to the parent / guardian as well as the school administration. In the event of a major medical injury, 911 will be contacted.

Do you do background checks on all volunteers?

All potential Beach Club® volunteers must consent to a stringent screening process. This includes completing a formal application, watching a Policies and Procedures video, and reading and acknowledging the KiDs Beach Club® (KBC) Child Protection Policy and KBC Statement of Faith. Additionally, the approval of all volunteers in Beach Club® is contingent upon clear results of a thorough background check conducted by a 3rd party vendor that includes sex offender database screening. As per district guidelines, volunteers may also be required to undergo additional screenings.

How is dismissal handled?

Club Leaders are encouraged to coordinate the recommended dismissal policy with local school administration. Typically, this involves identifying an organized dismissal policy for car riders, walkers, bike riders, and children who participate in another after-school program.

KBC requires a minimum of two unrelated adults to remain with the students until every child has been picked up by the designated parent/guardian, as listed on the permission form. Beach Club® volunteers are strictly prohibited from transporting children.

If the designated parent / guardian has not arrived within 15 minutes of dismissal, Beach Club® volunteers will call the parent / guardian. If a parent / guardian is more than 30 minutes late, volunteers will contact the local police, who then assume responsibility of the child until the parent / designated guardian arrives. Notification of police involvement is recorded, and copies are given to the parent, school office, and partnering church, with a copy of the incident being kept on file at the KiDs Beach Club® corporate offices. In the event of a habitually late parent, volunteers will coordinate with school administration to follow school policy before the student loses the privilege to attend Beach Club®.

How will you work with our after-school program?

Beach Club® fits seamlessly with all other after-school programs (mentoring or childcare). Trained volunteers transition students smoothly from Beach Club® to the appropriate after-school program.

Can teachers from my school volunteer in KiDs Beach Club®?

Teachers may volunteer in a Beach Club® provided they abide by district policy. Teachers who volunteer in Beach Club® are subject to the same application and background checks as all Beach Club® volunteers.

Can you provide copies of Background Checks?

All volunteer background checks are confidential and cannot be distributed. Upon request, KiDs Beach Club® can provide a legal, written statement indicating that the background check has been completed and the volunteer candidate has been cleared to volunteer.

What else do I need to know about KiDs Beach Club®?

- KiDs Beach Club® partners with a local church who provide the volunteers.
- Beach Clubs® meet for only one hour, one day a week, for 24 weeks (some Clubs meet for less weeks.)
- KiDs Beach Club® requires a minimum of 1:10 ratio of volunteers to kids.
- There is no cost to students or the district! Beach Club® is free!
- Every student will receive a new KiDs Beach Club® Explorer’s Study Bible.


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