May 19 9:50 AM

A Brand New Bible of My Very Own

May 19 9:50 AM
May 19 9:50 AM

Just like every Beach Club is different, every Beach Club also hands out Bibles differently. Some churches go the extra mile on Great Treasure Day, the day children receive their own KiDs Beach Club® Explorer’s Study Bible, and rightfully so since there is no greater treasure than God’s Word.

Churches might display all of their Bibles on a table on a stage with the names of each recipient already written in them and then call up each child to the stage individually.

Some churches might have their congregations pray over the Bibles during a church service on the Sunday before Great Treasure Day.

They might even ask members of their congregations to write personal notes to the Beach Club children on an inside cover of the Bible.

Some may do all of these things. Other churches have been known to downplay the gifting ceremony entirely in favor of diving right into the Bible to explore God’s Word.

Every KBC Explorer’s Study Bible comes individually wrapped in cellophane from the distributor so if a church elects to write in the Bibles, they have to unwrap each Bible. That may take some time with club sizes averaging around 80 kids.

The Beach Club sponsored by Christ Church at Farine Elementary in Irving used to take the time to unwrap each Bible, but not any more.

“One of things that caught us off guard when we gave the kids the Bible is that they wanted us to give them the Bible in the plastic wrap because they knew it was brand new,” said Molly Greenlee, the children’s director at Christ Church Irving. “It was only theirs and it was priceless.

“The first time we did it, we opened it and we thought it would be great if we would write their name inside, but they wanted to write their own name in it because it was theirs.”

Not many Beach Club kids have something to call their very own and take great pride in this gift.

“I cannot tell you how many kids told us, ‘I don’t get things that are brand new. I have never had a book, period, that was brand new,’” Greenlee said. “And they got these Bibles and they’re beaming and it is just amazing.

“These Bibles have become precious items to these kids that they hold onto.”

Have you considered becoming a monthly Bibles for Beach Club donor? KiDs Beach Club® could not give every child in every Beach Club a Bible without your continued support. We have placed an order for another 10,000 Bibles for the 2016-17 school year as a result of the generous support shown at last month’s Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner & Auction. We continue to add more Beach Clubs and more kids in our current clubs and everyone will continue to receive a brand new Bible to call their own.


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