May 29 11:05 AM

A Teacher, Students and the Truth

May 29 11:05 AM
May 29 11:05 AM

Angie, one of the Beach Club leaders in Caddo Mills, Texas is also a teacher at the school.  One morning Angie was visiting with a younger student and he shared some very disheartening information about his home life with her. Angie’s heart was breaking for this little boy and his family.  She knows the only true hope for him is Jesus.  This little boy does not attend Beach Club and she was thinking of ways she could infuse God’s truth into his life and then it hit her … the KBC Bible!  The KBC Devotional Bible is a complete set of the Scriptures designed to take kids from Genesis through Revelation in the NIV (1984) Easy Reader version.  It is also packed with 260 daily devotions and 52 weekend devotions.  Angie went immediately to her Beach Club supply box and pulled out a brand new Bible.  Now, the question was how would she get this Bible into his sweet little hands. 

The next morning as Angie and her daughter, who attends the same school, were getting ready, Angie said to her, “God needs your hands today” and placed the KBC Bible in her hands and told her to whom she needed to give it at school.  That day at lunch, Angie’s daughter went up to the little boy and said, “Hi, this is for you.”  He immediately responded with “what’s this?” and another boy piped up and said, “that’s the Bible; we use it in Beach Club to learn about God!”  This situation could not have been orchestrated in such a beautiful way had Angie planned it all out herself.  It was the Holy Spirit all the way. 

Just like Angie, we are faced with opportunities to be a light, shining hope into the dark places.  When you meet people and begin to hear their stories are you moved with compassion?  Are you sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and obedient in taking the next step?  The “next step” can take shape in a myriad of ways.  People are struggling all around us in all sorts of ways, but one thing is true, Jesus is their only hope.


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