KiDs Beach Club® Partner Agreement Online

Option #2

Virtual School Only

Connect with students and parents of targeted schools through KBC’s Virtual-Only option.  

YES! We want to partner with KiDs Beach Club®, making Jesus cool at school!®

New AND Returning KiDs Beach Club® Partners 

$2,000 per school

  • For schools returning from the previous year, KBC will nurture relationships with school leaders and can assist in email marketing to parents to promote the virtual club. The partnering church is provided with the contact information for the previous year’s Beach Club students. 
  • Right of first refusal if another church wants to do an in-person club at the school. If the virtual club partnering church does not exercise this option, then their virtual Beach Club would terminate at the end of the current semester. Any fees paid in advance for the next semester would be refunded. 
  • No multiple club discounts. 
  • Payment Plans: Annual or Semi-Annual. 


$500 per new school (when added to at least one current school) 

  • Only available where KBC has not had a club in the previous school year. 
  • KBC only provides KOMS, Bibles, and background checks. No additional support. Church’s responsibility to market to students and develop school relations if it chooses. 
  • No multiple club discounts. 
  • Payment Plan: Single payment only. 


If none of your schools are returning KBC schools, then you can partner with the first school at $2,000 and then add any additional schools for $500 each. 

New Partners require a 10% deposit at time of Agreement completion. You may mail a check to our address below once you finish the Agreement.

After submitting the agreement form, you will have the option to pay in full online by either credit card or check. Otherwise, we will send an invoice via email to the Accounts Payable person you indicate on the Agreement form and you can mail a check.

Ready?   Let’s Go!

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