KiDs Beach Club® Partner Agreement Online

Option #3

Adding In-Person School
to a Virtual Only School

YES! We want to partner with KiDs Beach Club®, making Jesus cool at school!®


This option is for the church that previously selected Option #2 – Virtual School Only and now would like to do ministry in-person at that school for the remainder of the school year. KBC will secure a lease agreement with the school and provide all of the in-person services that KBC has traditionally offered. Please first verify with your KBC Club Relations Specialist that the school is open for us. 


$1,000 per school to add an in-person club to a current Virtual Only School where KBC had a club during the previous school year. If this is a new school to KBC, then please complete the Option #1 agreement for In-Person Schools. The fee structure is different for new schools. 


Fee is payable in full. 

Ready?   Let’s Go!

KBC Partner Agreement Form

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