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Watch All the Beach Club at Home! Episodes

Episode 1 - Dependability

Episode 2 - Orderliness

Episode 3 - Forgiveness

Episode 4 - Courage

Episode 5 - Friendliness

Episode 6 - Compassion

Episode 7 - Generosity

Episode 8 - Confidence

Episode 9 - Obedience

Special Episode - Great Treasure Day

Our Churches Stay Connected With Students!

We have developed a special process for our partnering churches to stay connected with the students in their Beach Club who watch the online episodes each week.  Parents are asked to register their students by going to and once they fill out a student registration form, their student can watch episodes each week by simply entering that parent email or phone number.  

Through our partnering agreement, our partnering church has access to our KiDs Online Management System, (KOMS), where they can view the student's weekly attendance and stay connected to that family. 

If you would like to check out that process, please register as a volunteer or as a parent and then go to to enter your email or phone number to watch the episode.

If you would like to join KBC in reaching students in public schools by becoming a church partner, please click here to look at the various options for the 2020-21 school year. 


Thank you for taking time to check out this special screening of Beach Club at HOME!  


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