Apr 27 3:55 PM

Become a Monthly Bible Donor

Apr 27 3:55 PM
Apr 27 3:55 PM

Fresh off an amazing show of support at the Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner & Auction that saw KiDs Beach Club® raise enough money to purchase another 10,000 Bibles, the ministry is inviting you to become a monthly Bible donor.

Monthly funds are an important piece of the operational puzzle that helps put a Bible in the hands of every child in every one of our 170 Beach Clubs. KBC purchases Bibles in bulk and there is a one-time cost to accomplish that endeavor.

“We actually purchase in quantities of 10,000 in order to keep our costs down and be effective stewards of the resources that have come to us through God’s grace and the generous giving of our donors,” said Paul McCollum, the vice president for school relations and development at KiDs Beach Club®. “However, we do not distribute them as quickly as we receive them. Warehouse costs recur monthly, and like a dripping faucet, continue to erode the operational costs throughout the year.”

Monthly giving provides continued support to gird the budget against the recurring costs of warehousing. Many clubs are scattered across the state and country and require additional shipping costs to get the Bibles into the hands of the children. These costs also occur at varying times of the year depending on when clubs schedule their Great Treasure Day throughout the year. KBC tries to make these shipments in bulk to alleviate overages in shipping rates and fees, but as clubs grow, Bibles get sent as needed.

All praise to God for this growth,” McCollum said. “There is nothing glamorous or exciting in operational costs. It’s kind of like putting in a water line for a fire hydrant. You spend the money and don’t really get to see the results – until a crisis gets averted.

"That is the same with the KBC Explorer’s Study Bibles. There’s nothing exciting about warehousing and shipping Bibles – until a child receives one and for the first time in his or her life understands that there is a God who loves them and wants desperately to be their Forever Friend!” 

Becoming a monthly Bibles donor is an incredibly simple process. Click here, enter an amount and then be sure to click the “Monthly” button under Frequency. You can even select what time of the month you want to have your payment processed. There are other ways to give, too, including weekly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.



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