Nov 17 11:37 AM

An Encouraging Word from a Child

Nov 17 11:37 AM
Nov 17 11:37 AM

Great Treasure Day is a day of celebration at every KiDs Beach Club®. It is the day everyone who is new to Beach Club receives their very own KBC Explorer’s Study Bible. Some clubs have a handful of new clubbers receiving Bibles on Great Treasure Day and others may have around 30.

Floyd Elementary in Mesquite (Texas) Independent School District, which started a Beach Club last Spring and handed out about 150 Bibles last year, had more than 200 children receive Bibles when it celebrated Great Treasure Day October 26.

The club, one of two sponsored by Hickory Tree Baptist Church in Balch Springs, Texas, normally splits into two groups with half of the Surf Teams meeting in the cafeteria and the other half meeting in the gym. On Great Treasure Day everyone met in the cafeteria so they could all celebrate together.

With so many children receiving a Bible during one club meeting, there was not time for much else after the Bibles were given out. One might be discouraged that the children missed out on everything else that goes on during a Beach Club meeting or that the kids didn’t really get to dig into their Bibles as a group since volunteers spent the entire Beach Club passing out Bibles.

However, a few days after Great Treasure Day, the school’s physical education coach, Rachel Thompson, who is also a Beach Club volunteer, received this letter from a sixth-grade boy: 

“Kids Beach Club for me is such a good club. The first day that I (joined) the beach club I was all happy to see all the little kids learning new stuff about God and the bible. Treasure Day was a great day. I never though(t) Treasure Day it was going to be like that. I love my group and looking (at) all my friends talking about God is so adorable. Thank you coach Thompson for all the hard work that (you) have done for all Floyd campus and I appreciate your love to each of us and people thank you, thank you Coach Thompson!

The Lord is always with you!

Aaron Mendez

Every one is thrilled to learn about God at the Kids Beach Club!”

Receiving a note like this is encouraging to the volunteers in the club, which include several teachers.

“Coach Thompson is an important part of our staff,” Dr. Tonya Mamantov, the principal at Floyd Elementary, said. “She brings an unwavering positivity that is contagious throughout our building.”

The way coach Thompson loves on her students by teaching them about health and fitness in the classroom and teaching them about Jesus in Beach Club is making a difference beyond Bible stories alone.

“We are fortunate to have such an amazing role model for the students here at Floyd,” Mamantov added.

Jack Terrell, the founder and president of KiDs Beach Club®, was surprised a child would take the time to write something like this. When the letter was forward to his attention, he thought it was should be encouraging not only for the volunteers at Floyd Elementary, but also for all Beach Club volunteers.

“Children becoming excited about reading the Bible and then thrilled to see their friends getting into the word. Yes, that is what it’s all about!” 

If you have a great story like this at your Beach Club, we encourage you to share it with us by emailing it to




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