Oct 27 12:06 PM

Beach Club Help from Homeschooled Volunteers

Oct 27 12:06 PM
Oct 27 12:06 PM

Serving in a KiDs Beach Club® has provided people of all ages, an opportunity to follow the Lord’s command to carry out the great commission. Many churches have done an excellent job of communicating these volunteer opportunities to their senior adults and to the parents of children in their Beach Clubs.

But with the growing amount of teens being homeschooled these days, The Village Church in Southlake, Texas has reached out to a brother and sister to serve in the Beach Club at Dove Elementary. 15 year-old Halle Wilson and her 14 year-old brother, Landry are assisting with several roles in the Beach Club.

Halle has jumped right in by assisting with a surf team and loves being a role model for the younger girls each week. 

“I wanted to get to know some of the girls and hang out with them,” Halle said. “I just want to be a positive influence and get to share what I believe in, just get to know them, help them find the scriptures in the Bible and just hang out with them.” 

Landry brings his guitar and leads worship each week and is thrilled to be able use his musical talents to fill the public school gymnasium with praises to God.

“I love coming up with songs for each week and play the guitar and the kids get all excited,” Landry said. “By serving in Beach Club, I have the opportunity to point them to Christ. My objective in this is not to make myself look cool or to further my talent, but to show these kids what worship is all about. The fact that worship is an expression of our love for God through song and through singing and using our voices, that’s really what I wanted to show these kids is that we can express our excitement and express our love for God through singing songs and in a fun way.”

Seeing these teens in action, serving the Lord is an inspiration for Dove Elementary Beach Club Leader Sherri Jursnick.

“It just makes me smile and shows that they love the Lord and they want to worship, they want to share,” said Jursnick, whose grandson Aaron is also a homeschooled volunteer assisting in a surf team for third grade boys.

Aaron attended that same Beach Club during his elementary school days and loves giving back.

“I know how much Beach Club has done for me,” Aaron said. “When I was attending club, the volunteers helpers helped me more than I could even imagine so now, I thought that I would be able to come in impact other people’s lives.”

Sherri Jursnick, who previously served as a Club Leader at Donna Park Elementary in Hurst, Texas, asked homeschool kids to help her serve in that club as well.

“The kids just gravitate to them and they just have a different way of getting to the kids and showing them God’s love.”

Sherri encourages club leaders to be proactive in providing these teenagers a chance to serve in Beach Club. 

“Since there are lot of churches that are looking for volunteers and there are a whole bunch of teenagers that could step up to help, they can inquire with the different homeschool organizations which often offer their teens credit for service,” she said.

“This also teaches the older kids that there is service involved with being a Christian and you are never too young to learn to help others.”




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