Feb 27 6:40 AM

Beach Patrol Mobilizers Making a Difference!

Feb 27 6:40 AM
Feb 27 6:40 AM

Here at KiDs Beach Club® (KBC), we have an incredible group of volunteers that we call our Beach Patrol. ICYMI, Beach Patrol is what we call our volunteers OUTSIDE of Club. Included in our Beach Patrol is a top-notch team of Prayer Warriors, Event Planners, Photographers, and Story-Tellers. All of these roles help the ministry and fill the gaps where needed. But there's another group of volunteers not mentioned above, and that's our Beach Patrol Mobilizers!

What's a Mobilizer, you ask? Well, a Beach Patrol Mobilizer is a volunteer who is committed to being the "boots on the ground" for KBC in their local area, representing KBC by talking with churches and pastors, introducing them to the Beach Club® concept, and then speaking / training on behalf of KBC wherever the doors open. We currently have seven individuals actively serving as Mobilizers, all in either Texas or Florida, our two states with the most Beach Clubs®, and we have one more coming on board to serve in Illinois. Learn more about KBC Mobilizer Brian Broussard below, and be sure to keep reading to learn more about Beach Patrol and our other mobilizers!

Brian's Story...

Meet KBC Mobilizer Brian Broussard. Brian first heard about KiDs Beach Club® when his local church (First Baptist Church, Dover, Florida) was reporting on all that God was doing through their Beach Club® at Bailey Elementary School. After talking with his pastor, Brian not only knew he wanted to be involved, but he felt called to be used as a catalyst for starting new Beach Clubs® in his community.

With a self-compiled list of churches / people to contact, Brian knew he had to be better equipped about sharing KBC with others, so he reached out to our Mobilization Coordinator Tina Kimbro for some tips. Little did he know we actually had this thing called "Beach Patrol" that fit him like a glove!

Before even completing the application for Beach Patrol, Brian started meeting with pastors on his list. He scheduled his first meeting with Pastor Pete, and earlier this month, Pastor Pete's church launched their very first Beach Club®! They've been meeting only a few weeks and already have 22 children attending and 10 volunteers serving, all because one man followed the Lord's prompting and took action!

Brian has a list of churches still to contact, too. It's his desire is to find church partners to sponsor Beach Clubs® in every elementary school in Polk County, Florida! He ends every conversation with "LET'S GOOOOOOOO!"

But wait...there's more!

You see, Brian is not the only Beach Patrol Mobilizer God has brought to us! There's Amanda Watkins from Brian's home church. She is actively working as a volunteer promoter and trainer in Hillsborough Country, Florida, along with Pat Koritta from Plant City, Florida, who is volunteering as a trainer. Then there's Rachel (Marsha) Constine in Dunedin (Pinellas County) Florida who is volunteering at events and promoting KBC. Also in Florida is Melissa Schubeck, promoting and training for KBC in the Pensacola (Escambia County) Florida area.

In Texas, we have Aubrey Eudy, from Mesquite Church of Christ in Mesquite, Texas. For years, Aubrey has been singing the praises of KiDs Beach Club® at events, long before we had a formal Beach Patrol. Now he's "an official" Beach Patrol Mobilizer! Then there's Gene Parks, who has recently been influential in starting a new Club at her home church of First Baptist Watauga at Grace Hardeman Elementary School.

From Texas to Florida, and then up north to Illiniois! It's there that you'll find the Beach Patrol "Lone Ranger" Christiana Allen-Thompson. She's been trained to promote KBC, and hopefully soon will begin her boots-on-the-ground journey and add another state to our KBC map of Beach Clubs®.

Why do we take the time to tell stories like Brian and the other Mobilizers? It's because KiDs Beach Club® does not exist without a dedicated team of volunteers in Club and outside of Club!

What is God asking you to do?

Maybe you're not someone who can volunteer as a mobilizer and help spread the word about KBC. We get it! Not everyone can be a bold Brian Broussard! But maybe God is asking you to do SOMETHING with Beach Patrol! The best place to start is by joining our Beach Patrol prayer team, led by our Volunteers Director Steve Brines and our Beach Patrol Prayer Leader (and long-time KBC supporter) Ted Carsons. Click on the "Hey Steve" button for our Volunteers Director Steve to reach out to you. If you're ready to join the Beach Patrol, click on that button and complete the application. We can't wait for you to be on the team!



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