Jan 11 5:49 PM

Become a Lifeguard in 2018

Jan 11 5:49 PM
Jan 11 5:49 PM

Have you ever wanted to be a lifeguard? KiDs Beach Club® is always looking for more lifeguards. What is a lifeguard, you ask?

We call our prayer team “Lifeguards.” KiDs Beach Club® understands that God’s power behind our ministry is achieved through prayer. Lifeguards are people who stand in the gap on behalf of our staff, our volunteers, our churches, our schools, our kids and their families.

Being a Lifeguard for KiDs Beach Club® is simple. There’s no set schedule or meeting place, there’s no fee to be paid. All we ask is for time spent praying for the ministry.

We believe there is power in prayer and suggest that our lifeguards offer specific prayers for each day of the week.

Sunday: Pastors
Monday: KBC staff
Tuesday: Church coordinators and club leaders
Wednesday: Club volunteers
Thursday: KBC donors and corporate sponsors
Friday: Kids!
Saturday: Parents, siblings and families

In addition to this list, the most significant prayer we’re asking for right now is growth. KiDs Beach Club® has a goal to reach 200 clubs nationwide in 2018.

Several churches keep their club-specific Lifeguards in the loop with what is going on in their club either during church announcements or emails each week. You might remember a story we told you last year about a Beach Club in Florida that invited their Lifeguards to Beach Club. As soon as club leader Carolyn Britton started asking others to pray for her Beach Club, volunteers saw an immediate change take place.

“Without the (lifeguards) we would not be as effective with planting the seeds of the gospel,” Britton said. “The support through prayer is the most important thing.”

So, in this new year, it’s not too late to add a New Year’s resolution. Why not set a goal to spend more time in prayer, and become a Lifeguard for KiDs Beach Club®! Make a spiritual impact in this ministry even if you aren’t able to volunteer in a club due to your schedule or you can’t donate right now because of your finances. All you have to do is pray.

To find out more about our Lifeguard program, visit kidsbeachclub.org/lifeguard and if you want to become a lifeguard, we would love to hear from you at kidsbeachclub.org/become-a-lifeguard.




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