Feb 21 7:25 PM

Bibles For Beach Club Benefit Dinner Speaker Announced!

Feb 21 7:25 PM
Feb 21 7:25 PM

"Churches must begin now to come along-side parents and equip them to provide their children - at the earliest age possible - with biblical precepts that will protect them from a barrage of worldly ideas and teaching that is hostile to the biblical worldview," said George Barna, award winning author and pollster. 

KiDs Beach Club® is proud to announce that George Barna will be the keynote speaker at the Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner and Auction on April 24.  Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions is one of his greatest works where he makes a case for why children should be the church's number one priority.

The mission of KiDs Beach Club® is to mobilize churches to go outside of their walls in order to bring the message of Christ into the heart of the community.  The heart of the community is found in our children and they are often found in our schools.  By bringing God's word to these children in their schools, the doors are open for churches to begin ministering not just to the children but to the family.  

We hope that you will join us in making an eternal difference in the lives of children and their families by attending our Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner.  The event will include pace car rides for table hosts, a delicious meal, and an inspiring message from George Barna! 

Tickets go on sale February 24!

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