Dec 20 2:48 PM


Dec 20 2:48 PM
Dec 20 2:48 PM

Thirteen States: the Most States Ever!

Last spring, the KiDs Beach Club® team hosted several events for pastors and church leaders to learn more about the ministry and what sponsoring a Beach Club® is all about. One of the pastors who attended wasn't yet able to make a commitment for his church to partner with us, but he did tell his daughter in California about the open door of ministry that is available. AND THE REST IS HISTORY!

We are so excited to share that beginning on January 16th, the very first ever Beach Club® in California will have its inaugural launch at Laurel Elementary in Brea, California! Our new church partner is Saddleback Brea, and many thanks to Annalise Gerlach for responding to the Holy Spirit's leading and pursuing this opportunity!

Not only does this mark the first time a Beach Club® has been in California, but it also tops the total number of Beach Clubs® in different states by one additional! The road to approval in Brea wasn't easy, but when the first school declined because of scheduling conflict, God opened the doors for Laurel Elementary in Brea to swing wide open.

"We are so expectant
for what the Lord has
in store here in California.
I have loved being able
to sit back and watch
God work in this community, and we
are hopeful He is just
getting started at
Laurel Elementary!
We can’t wait to see all
that is to come
this next semester."

--Annalise Gerlach



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