Jan 30 5:26 AM

It's Our Birthday!

Jan 30 5:26 AM
Jan 30 5:26 AM

Grab Some Candles and Celebrate With Us!

This month we celebrated our 18th birthday!
(...18 years since the IRS recognized us as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!)


As we officially launch into this, our 19th year, will you consider making a twelve-month commitment to partner with us at $19/month?

We call our monthly partners GEMs, not only because they "Give Every Month," but also because GEMs are treasured and valuable! A GEM is a precious stone, and our GEMs are truly the foundation stones of this ministry that weekly sustain our finances.

When you partner with us to become a GEM, you should know that we consider it a true partnership. You will be prayed for regularly and receive personalized communications throughout the year.

We currently have 74 families who give regularly as KBC GEMs, and we're boldly asking God to multiply that number!

Will you help us celebrate this 19th year of official ministry by making a 12-month commitment* to be a GEM at $19/month?

Becoming a GEM is easy, safe and secure! 
Simply click on the GEM logo below or scan the QR Code.
Choose your monthly donation amount.
Complete the form & submit.

(Yes - It's that easy!)


*The monthly commitment amount will automatically renew each month until you notify us to stop.


Sorry! We don't have a record of the information you submitted. Please check your registration records for accuracy and try again. Or if you are not registered for a club, click the blue button below.

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