Check Out the New
Jun 08 2:32 PM

Check Out the New

Jun 08 2:32 PM
Jun 08 2:32 PM

Outside of participating in our Summer Reading Program, you and your child might not be thinking too much about KiDs Beach Club® during the summer, but rest assured, we are thinking about you, planning for our future and getting ready for the return of Beach Club this fall. 

As a part of those plans, we launched a redesigned website this week and hope you will check it out. It’s vastly different than our old site. Our organization has changed a lot over the years and we think this new design better conveys where we are as an organization by telling the stories about our Beach Clubs, the kids who attend and the volunteers who serve.

“Our kids and clubs have great stories to tell and we want to do that justice,” said Dave Crome, the vice president for marketing and communications at KiDs Beach Club®. “There are a lot of great photos and excellent videos throughout the site. We want people to be proud their kids are a part of this ministry and we hope that with this new site, everyone will want to share it with their friends.”

As the organization continues to grow, it is important that our current church partners understand our commitment and that our potential church partners gain a full understanding of what we do in connecting kids to Christ and helping their families find a church home if they don’t already have one. 

“Connecting families to a church family is one of our core values,” said Jack Terrell, founder and president of KiDs Beach Club®. “Our records say a high percentage of children who enroll in Beach Club do not have a church affiliation. Therefore providing a tool to our partnering churches that is easy to navigate expresses our commitment to excellence. I believe it further communicates, at a high level, the value we have for all of our ministry partners.” 

KiDs Beach Club® seeks to make Christ relevant within the community by providing Christ followers an opportunity to serve at the very heart of the neighborhood… the public school. 

The new design focuses on the ministry’s four core values, the four Cs: Impacting Communities for the Kingdom; Sharing Christ in Public Schools; Fostering Life Change in the Hearts of Children and Connecting Families to a Church Family. And it’s all presented right on the front page. 

The website comes with new features, including real-time reporting of the number of kids impacted by Beach Club, the numbers of volunteers who serve in Beach Club and the professions of faith made by Beach Club kids, both for the current school year and since the start of Beach Club in 2003. Also on display are the number of clubs, partnering churches and the all-time number of Bibles distributed.

Other new features include a way for anyone to Get Involved in Beach Club, the new Beach Currents blog, and coming soon, a way to find a Beach Club. Every Beach Club will have a page on the website devoted solely to it with information about meeting dates and times, location, information about the sponsoring church and a direct link to our new online registration/parent permission form. Be on the lookout for more details about that closer to the time your child heads back to school and back to Beach Club!

Social media is integrated throughout the website, allowing viewers to share content from any page with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn directly from the site. Content also can be shared with the most popular social networks.

“We would love to hear your stories about how Beach Club has impacted your family, particularly your children and grandchildren,” said Todd Lamb, director of communications for KiDs Beach Club®. “We would love to tell these incredible stories on our new website, blog and various social media accounts.

You should always mention @KiDsBeachClub in your social media posts and if the post is about the Bible, we encourage you to use hashtag #MyKBCBible. Stories and photos can be submitted by email as well at or

Most of the information from the old site has migrated to the new site, but it is presented entirely different and in an engaging way. We think you will find the site does a good job explaining who we are, what we do, where we are, when clubs meet and how to do a Beach Club.

We hope you like it and visit often to read and watch the countless stories about how KiDs Beach Club® is connecting kids to Christ and putting Bibles in their hands.




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