May 25 4:53 PM

Church Celebrates Baptisms of Beach Club Siblings

May 25 4:53 PM
May 25 4:53 PM

Beach Clubbers Baptised from KiDs Beach Club on Vimeo.

Harmony Baptist Church in Weatherford, Texas recently had a special worship service. The church, fresh off its first year partnering with KiDs Beach Club® to sponsor a Beach Club at Wright Elementary, has seen the Lord working in the club and in its church. 

Jeremiah and Liliana, a brother and sister who attend Beach Club, asked to be baptized at Harmony Baptist Church. Jeremiah had previously made Jesus his Forever Friend and Liliana welcomed Christ into her life after a Beach Club meeting with her Christ-following parents at home.

Jeremiah and Liliana’s family regularly attend a different church in the area, but they really wanted to be baptized at Harmony Baptist since Beach Club has such an impact in their lives. They also wanted to be baptized in the presence of so many of their Beach Club volunteers who attend the club. 

On a Sunday morning last month, the two siblings were baptized by Tyson Shapley, the church’s students pastor who also serves as the Bible Connection leader in their Beach Club.

In addition to the baptisms, the church also recognized each Beach Club volunteer who was in attendance that morning. Harmony Baptist provides regular updates to its congregation and celebrates together when there are praises and professions of faith. But, that April morning it was a special service to honor the efforts of their members and to rejoice in seeing the fruits of their labor.

For church coordinator Lea Sosebee, it was an overwhelming thought to see where the Lord has brought the church since it first partnered with KiDs Beach Club® last fall.

Harmony Baptist struggled with the decision to sponsor a Beach Club. Like many churches they didn’t think they would have enough volunteers or the funds to sponsor the club. The church started a Beach Club in faith, but at first saw little progress. It struggled and the leaders wondered if this was really what the Lord wanted them to do.

“We were faithful, and in God’s timing. And, in God’s timing, it was done,” Sosebee said.

By partnering with KiDs Beach Club®, the church not only was able to make an impact in the young lives of Jeremiah and Liliana, they were also able to reach an entire family.

Liliana came to understand the gospel during her time at Beach Club and Jeremiah saw his faith grow and become more solidified.

“The two started out at Beach Club so shy, but now they are rockin’ it!” Dylan Sosebee, the club’s worship leader said.

Jeremiah and Liliana’s mother saw this change in them and ended up becoming a volunteer in the club. The entire family was excited to visit Harmony Baptist for their baptisms.

“KiDs Beach Club® has ignited a desire in our church to minister more.” Lea Sosebee said.

After hearing updates and now seeing the fruits of labor in the baptisms of Jeremiah and Liliana, the church’s Beach Club has seen an increase in volunteers and is receiving other great support. Harmony Baptist Church is excited and ready for a summer of ministry and continuing into next school year at Beach Club.




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