May 28 5:12 AM


May 28 5:12 AM
May 28 5:12 AM

As May comes to a close, it's not too late to participate in our GEAR UP! campaign!

The summer months tend to be our leanest months financially, yet it's when we areGEARING UP for the big things God has planned for us in the fall! Things like our renewed focus on CLUBS, CLUBS, CLUBS!

As you prayerfully consider partnering together with a special gift, we also ask that you consider becoming a KBC GEM, one of our most cherished Champions! Throughout the next few weeks, we're sharing some great Champion stories -- stories like Orel "The Bulldog" Hershiser, the great hall-of-fame pitcher (and outspoken Christian!)

Orel "The Bulldog" Hershiser

Born in 1958, Orel Leonard Hershiser IV dreamed of being a major-league pitcher. Drafted in 1979 by the L.A. Dodgers, he struggled in the minor leagues, but in 1983, his opportunity to shine finally came when he was called up to big leagues. Hershiser had a mental toughness like no other pitcher – that’s why they called him “The Bulldog!” He went on to become a World Series Champion, World Series MVP, three-time All Star, Cy Young Winner, two-time League MVP, Gold Glove Award winner, and he still holds the major league record of 59 consecutive scoreless innings pitched!

After winning the World Series in 1988, Hershiser gave all glory to God on national television by singing the Doxology on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. This great Champion had a dream, and he didn’t let the scouts, critics, or anyone else prevent him from pursuing it. When he retired, he did so with dignity, knowing he had done all he could with the gifts God had given him.

Like The Bulldog, we are determined to pursue our dreams until Jesus returns. Our vision of giving every preteen boy and girl a Jesus experience is one that we will never give up. But we need Champions who will partner with us to continue pursuing our calling. Please consider becoming a KiDs Beach Club® GEM, one who Gives Every Month. Your monthly gift provides the stability needed in our day-to-day finances. Becoming a KBC GEM is easy, too. Just scan the QR code above or click the below button! Your recurring gift of just $20 per month will sponsor a Bible for 12 children throughout the next school year!




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