Jan 29 3:57 PM

Giving Kids Bibles in Beach Club is Life Changing

Jan 29 3:57 PM
Jan 29 3:57 PM

For Christ Church in Irving, Texas, KiDs Beach Club® is a very important part of their church’s outreach plan. Not only do they love Beach Club for the amount of families and children they get to minister to each week, they love it, also, because KiDs Beach Club® gives them Bibles to give to the children they are ministering to.

Christ Church sponsors Beach Clubs at Farine and Gilbert Elementary Schools in Irving Independent School District. They see about 140 kids each week between the two Beach Clubs.

“We get to be with as many kids, and see as many families during the week at a public school as we see each Sunday,” said Molly Greenlee, one of the two children’s pastors at Christ Church.

Each year, one of the most anticipated weeks in Beach Club is Great Treasure Day. For their first Great Treasure Day at Farine Elementary, the club’s volunteers thought it would be special to prepare the Bibles with the children’s names already written inside. They were caught off guard to find that the children wanted to be given their Bibles in the plastic wrap they are shipped in “because they knew it was brand new and it was only theirs,” Greenlee said.

The children wanted to write their own names in their new Bibles because it meant it was something they could call their own. Volunteers were shocked to hear so many of the children telling them that they don’t often receive new things.

Countless children at the Farine Beach Club said they had never had a book that was brand new, much less their very own Bible.

When the next year’s Great Treasure Day came around, returning Beach Club children thought they would receive another brand-new Bible. Greenlee took this as an exciting opportunity to teach them what a special gift it is to truly cherish the Bibles they have.

Greenlee invited her 85-year-old grandmother to come and bring her Bible to Beach Club. Greenlee showed it to the kids and let them see how it was old, worn and falling apart, because it has been read so many times.

“This is what your Bible is supposed to look like, and we want it to look like this because it means it is being used, and you’re studying and you’re learning about Jesus,” she said.

“These Bibles have become precious items to these kids,” Greenlee continued. Teachers tell the Beach Club volunteers about children who are in the club bringing out their Bibles during free reading time and each week in club the KBC Bibles are brought and used.

“Being able to give a Bible to each kid on the same day so then we get to use it, has been life changing to our club,” Greenlee concluded.

Of course, your financial gifts are making this happen. We are able to provide every child in every Beach Club with their own KBC Explorer’s Study Bible at no cost to the child, parents or church. Together, we’re connecting kids to Christ and putting Bibles in their hands.




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