Hang 10 Summer Reading Program Empowers Parents
Jun 01 3:42 PM

Hang 10 Summer Reading Program Empowers Parents

Jun 01 3:42 PM
Jun 01 3:42 PM

Allesandra Rufino and her family were living their daily lives in Orlando, Florida before the 2020 pandemic began. Allesandra’s daughters, Sarah and Clara, had just started attending a new KiDs Beach Club after-school Bible club at Westpointe Elementary, sponsored by Church of the Lakes. 

As Allesandra planned the many chores, events, and activities for the family, she and her husband struggled to find time to guide her daughters to dive into the Scriptures and commune with the Father as a family. 

Not only that, they wanted to teach their daughters how to get into the habit of studying the Word.

Allesandra was incredibly thankful for KiDs Beach Club offering an opportunity for the girls to engage Scripture. But once COVID hit, she faced a challenge. How could she get her girls into the Word consistently with kids being locked out of the schools? 

The short answer is: God works, even when we aren’t looking. While the world was being turned upside-down, God had already made a way to prepare a new generation. 

Allesandra discovered KiDs Beach Club’s interactive Summer Reading Program called Hang 10. With this program, she had a done-for-you Bible engagement curriculum for her daughters to get into the habits of reading scripture daily and communing with their heavenly Father consistently. 

The girls fell in love with the program and began delving into Scripture every day. She then extended the invitation to other mothers and soon had a small group of girls assembling weekly for Bible study. These “All-Stars,” as they call themselves, have become their own KiDs Beach Club in many ways, all guided by the Hang 10 Summer Reading Program. 

Today, the entire Rufino family eagerly awaits next semester when they can participate in KiDs Beach Club in person again, but until then, they love the Hang 10 program

Allesandra describes it as, “Discipleship for the kids, not only on Sunday. This is something they need for the week because evil is coming from all fronts: TV, the internet, phones, you name it. But when you make something like that, you can put the important things in the kids. You can remind them they need to know about the Bible. They need to know the good things, the right thing, the right time, the right place with the right person—Jesus Christ.”

Even though the world may seem a jumbled mess in many ways, God is making moves we cannot always fully comprehend, but He is still reaching kids for Christ and engaging them with His Word. 

Through the Hang 10 Summer Reading Program, kids are taught the incredible habit of spending at least 10 minutes in the Word every day. Each month contains a handful of scripture broken down and simplified while keeping the powerful lessons and values that will encourage the students to seek and maintain a strong relationship with the Father.  

Click here to explore more about the Hang 10 Summer Reading program and engage your kids in the Bible this summer.


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