Dec 20 2:40 PM


Dec 20 2:40 PM
Dec 20 2:40 PM

"One generation will tell Your works to another." Psalm 145:4

Third grader Nevaeh has been active in Beach Club® for about a year. During this time, shehas learned the importance of being in a local church and exercising the character words taught in Club. Nevaeh has been asking a lot of questions, and one important thing on her heart is to make sure her mom, big sister, and little sister attend church each week!

Nevaeh goes to Caprock Elementary School in Ft. Worth, Texas, which "happens" to be the same location where the sponsoring church (Cross City North) meets weekly. After Nevaeh's tireless begging, her mom Emili finally gave in and followed through, taking the whole family to church. Emili came a few times, hearing the Gospel message each time; then she made the decision that would change the trajectory of her life forever: she asked Jesus to come into her life and save her! In reflecting on her decision, Emili shared with the decision counselor and then Pastor Kent, "I was tired of being lost."

Since then, Emili has been bringing her girls to church each week. She's been actively participating in a Bible Study, and next month, she will be getting baptized. Understanding that her mom had made that all-important decision to make Jesus her Forever Friend, Nevaeh recently told a Club leader, "I saved my mom." Of course, the Club leader took the opportunity to biblically talk through the terminology Nevaeh used, making sure she understood that Jesus is the One and only One who can save people.

Emili has said numerous times, "God used Nevaeh to bring me to Him!" Please pray right now for Nevaeh, that God will continue working on her little heart. Pray also for Emili's older daughter Lucy (and eventually two-year-old Faith) to follow the example of their mom and choose to make Jesus their Forever Friend.

Friends, church partners, this is what happens when God moves into a school! Celebrate with us, and continue praying for more churches to partner with us, more schools to open, and more lives to be forever changed by the One Forever Friend!



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