Introducing an ALL-NEW VBS Curriculum from KBC
Mar 15 3:26 PM

Introducing an ALL-NEW VBS Curriculum from KBC

Mar 15 3:26 PM
Mar 15 3:26 PM

One defining characteristic that makes KiDs Beach Club really unique is the awesome ability, character, compassion, and enthusiasm of our Surf Team Leaders. These heroes who engage the kids weekly in support of our mission are the heart and soul of the entire ministry. They don’t just inspire the kids though! 

Their determination has inspired KiDs Beach Club to start an entirely new project we’re excited to introduce called Surf’s Up! – Experiencing God’s Forgiveness. This new resource will be offered to churches this spring as an all-new form of ministry.

What’s it all about? 

Well, we took a five-week chunk of the KiDs Beach Club curriculum and used it as the foundation for this new week-long evangelistic Vacation Bible School handbook for our church partners to use. We’re knocking down the limits of the schools and letting our ministry spread to every child of any community. 

Not only will this exciting new handbook help lead Vacation Bible Schools all over the country, but it is also a revolutionary concept as it is the first COVID-applicable Vacation Bible School curriculum ever!

Custom-designed to abide by COVID safety guidelines, Surf’s Up! is made to accommodate either large, socially distanced indoor and outdoor groups or small groups. 

We will also be throwing in episodes of Beach Club at HOME! videos for each of the lessons. The host church will have the option to play the complete 30-minute video or download various clips that are pre-selected for easy use during the lessons. This will be especially helpful for our partnering churches who are still awaiting their full team of volunteers to return to their service. 

Now you may think, This sounds great! But I’m sure it will cost our church a fortune to host our own Surf’s Up!.

To this we are thrilled to announce the price of Surf’s Up! will be FREE of charge to church partners who will commit to hosting an in-school KiDs Beach Club in the fall, provided the schools allow after-school activities. Click here to find out more!

Should any other church choose to not help support a KiDs Beach Club, or can’t seem to find the resources to help us in the aftermath of COVID, they can still purchase the entire package for $150 in the Surf Shop on the KBC website.

We hope you're as excited about our newest adventure as we are, and we hope to see you out there with us on the KiDs Beach Club scene joining us for our launch of Surf’s Up! – Experiencing God’s Forgiveness.

We would also like to wish a fond thank you to our many Surf Team Leaders and volunteers who have inspired so many, and we are looking forward to your helping us in our newest expedition.


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