Feb 26 10:41 PM


Feb 26 10:41 PM
Feb 26 10:41 PM

Last week, several KBC staff members attended and exhibited at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention in Nashville, Tenn. We'll have some updates for you soon on the exciting things that took place during the event, but this announcement cannot wait!

Last week, the NRB presented KiDs Beach Club® partner Iran Alive Ministries (IAM) with a 2024 Special Service and Media Award for International Impact! We are beyond excited for them, and we are also humbled that God would allow us the privilege to be part of that international impact.


Last year at the NRB Convention, KBC met and eventually began a partnership with Iran Alive Ministries. Over the next year, we would raise funds to dub all 55 episodes of our award-winning television show KiDs Beach Club® TV into Farsi, the native tongue of most Iranians as well as other nearby Middle Eastern countries.

As you know from our last Surf Report, our generous donors have now fully funded the Farsi project, with Season Three already airing three times each week in Iran. By God's grace, He allowed KBC to form a partnership with an organization that would win this prestigious award the very next year at the NRB Convention!

We praise God once again for this partnership, and for the work that Iran Alive is doing to reach those who have never heard the name of Jesus. We believe this award also reflects the quality of the partnerships God has allowed us to have. Congratulations, Iran Alive, for this great award!


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