May 04 12:25 PM

It Starts With Children

May 04 12:25 PM
May 04 12:25 PM

“It starts with children.  When we change the heart, mind, and souls of children, that is when we change America.  It is more important than who is in the White House or the head of Disney.  We need a 2-3 generation turnaround and it must begin today,” said George Barna, founder of The Barna Group, an evangelical Christian polling research firm.

The worldview of children is being changed through KiDs Beach Club® and we are thrilled to have  George Barna as our keynote speaker for our Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner on Saturday, July 11 at 6:00 pm.  Come enjoy dinner and hear the results of Barna’s research on what it will take to reclaim the Christian worldview of families in America.

“There are three big players that are shaping the worldview of children in America.  They are family, government, and media.  The government and media are not going to help us, but the families, ministries, churches, and Christian schools have an opportunity, but we must have a plan,” said Barna.

The philosophy of many ministries is often to reach and change the hearts of adults, but the fight is being waged in the hearts and minds of kids.  KBC is dedicated to reaching the hearts of children and connecting them and their families to churches.  We have seen clubs where 62% of those that indicated they did not have a church affiliation at the beginning of the club year, then indicated at the end of the year that they have united with a church. 

Join us on Saturday, July 11 at 6 p.m. for the Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner at the Texas Motor Speedway.  This benefit dinner directly funds the Bibles for our KBC clubs throughout the country.

“What are you going to do to change the worldview of children in America?  We cannot rely on anyone else,” said Barna. Click here to reserve your tickets today.


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