Mar 21 11:35 AM

‘It’s Not that Hard to Tell People about Jesus’

Mar 21 11:35 AM
Mar 21 11:35 AM

Volunteers from First Baptist Church, which sponsors the Beach Club at North Euless Elementary in Euless, Texas, are passionate about each child in club hearing and understanding the gospel.

Each week, club leader Stephanie Mounzika comes excited to see the students and excited share with them the love of Jesus.

Imagine her joy when a fourth-grade girl named Nicole came to her at club and said she had led a friend of hers to Christ!

On days when there is no Beach Club, Nicole attends the daily after-school program. She regularly talks about Jesus with her friends there and shares what He means to her.

“Whoever will talk to me I’ll just tell them about Jesus,” she said.

When talking with her friend Haley, Nicole discovered that Haley had never asked Jesus into her heart. Nicole then decided she would share the gospel with Haley the next day at recess.

Mounzika is faithful to tell the children how the gospel is not just for kids at Beach Club.

“This is not just for here inside of these walls, once you leave Beach Club you are to share the gospel and tell everyone that will listen about Jesus,” Mounzika said.

The North Euless Beach Club focuses on sharing the gospel and giving children the opportunity to make Jesus their Forever Friend, but they don’t stop there. Each week they teach kids another way to share the gospel with their peers.

Some weeks they use EvangeCubes to share the gospel. EvangeCubes are used by folding sections in a specific order to reveal different pictures. The cubes help kids learn to tell the story of Jesus step by step with each picture. Other weeks they use a hand game to explain the gospel, or the Beach Club A-B-Cs (in the KBC Study Bible between pages 626 and 627).

“There are so many ways to lead someone to Christ and anyone can do it,” Mounzika said.

Nicole decided she would bring her EvangeCube to school to show Haley and lead her in a prayer of salvation if she wanted to.

At recess the next day, Nicole told Haley the gospel with the EvangeCube.

“I told her the only way to heaven is through God, and you have to ask God into your heart first,” Nicole said.

It turns out Haley did want to ask God into her heart, and Nicole confidently led her in that prayer. Nicole then wrote down what she said so Haley could share then with her family, too.

“It’s not that hard to tell people about Jesus,” she said.

Nicole said that some of her friends get a little tired of her talking about Jesus, but she’s not afraid to talk about Him and tell others how they can be saved.

“Nicole is only in fourth grade and is already leading others to Christ,” Mounzika said. “We are so happy and excited to see what all God will do through Nicole. It's always a joy to see what she will share with us each week!”




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