Dec 11 2:14 PM

KBC Bibles are the Perfect Christmas Gift!

Dec 11 2:14 PM
Dec 11 2:14 PM

We shared this story on our blog about three years ago, but wanted to share it again because we think the KBC Study Bibles is the perfect Christmas gift!

Christmas is just around the corner. Do you need a gift idea for the person or group of people, like your coworkers, who you just don’t know what to buy? 

The legal assistants at Dawson & Sodd LLP, a law firm with offices in Dallas and Corsicana, came up with a great idea for their attorneys last Christmas.

“Last December, it came time to buy the attorneys Christmas gifts and they’re always hard to buy for,” Tanya Norris, a paralegal at the firm, told KiDs Beach Club® in an interview last winter. “We talked about donating money or our time to a charity that each one cares about. We were all trying to come up with ideas of which charity to donate to.

“It was funny because not more than 5-10 minutes after having that discussion with all the girls, I received an email from Beach Club. It was a few days before Giving Tuesday when I got that email so I just felt like that was God’s way of telling me that is what He would have us do. So we did that.”

In Tanya’s 18 years with the firm, she has seen how God has blessed the people there, saying that everyone has a story on how God has made an impact in their lives.

“There are a lot of organizations that are dear to everyone there and they all start with God and His blessings,” said Norris, whose son Cameron attended the Beach Club at Malakoff Elementary the last two years. “We decided the best way to repay that was to share the news of Him.”

Norris gave each one of the attorneys a letter at their annual Christmas party that pointed out how everyone at the firm had been blessed.

“We gave them my letter with the information from Beach Club,” Norris said. “No one really read it that night at the party. It was really in the days after when they gave us a thank you card or told us how much that meant and there wasn’t really a better gift that could have been given.

“Some of (the attorneys) said that was the best gift they ever received. We were just so glad to do that for them and they were so glad that we did.”

Cameron received one of the 24 weekly Bibles each club passed out before the organization started Great Treasure Day this past spring in response to the generous support of donors at the 2014 Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner and Auction.

The gift the legal assistants gave to their attorneys last Christmas went directly toward providing Bibles for every child at Malakoff Elementary when they held Great Treasure Day last February.

Cameron had already brought home his Bible last fall. It had been just a few weeks before the letter arrived from Beach Club encouraging donations for the Bibles for Beach Club program so that every child in every Beach Club can receive their own copy of God’s Word.

“I think it’s wonderful. Many kids would never have a Bible otherwise,” Norris said. “There are so many kids, there are so many families that need to have Jesus.

“It’s impossible to get into every home and share the Word with everyone who needs it, but it’s easy to donate some money, even enough money for one Bible or whatever you can donate. That Bible gets into that home and that child may pick it up and mom may pick it up or dad may pick it up, and it can change the entire families. You can just change their lives.” 

If you’re interested in giving KiDs Beach Club® Explorer’s Study Bibles this Christmas season, you can do that by clicking here. If you want to buy a Bible for a child in your life who does not attend Beach Club, you can do that in the Surf Shop.


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