Jul 06 1:48 PM

KiDs Beach Club Opens Door for Local Church

Jul 06 1:48 PM
Jul 06 1:48 PM

Turning Point Church, in Fort Worth, Texas had a problem. Like a lot of churches, they wanted to engage the public schools to deepen connection with the local community. But in spite of repeated attempts to reach out to the schools, they kept hearing, “We’ll call you if we need anything.” But the calls never came.

For Children’s Pastors Ray and Nancy Baldwin, the closed doors were especially painful. The couple has always had a vibrant children’s ministry wherever they served. They even developed a robust discipleship program for children of all ages called the Knights of God. 

As they led the growing children’s ministry at the church, they tried everything to engage the local schools. Finally, they forged a friendship with a local elementary principal. 

And then a call came from a KiDs Beach Club® field representative: “Are you interested in serving in the local public school?” Ray and Nancy jumped at the opportunity!

As the club neared its debut meeting, they set up a Beach Club table to register kids on the Meet the Teacher Day. “We had about thirty kids sign up that day,” Ray recalls, “and over the months that followed, we had well over eighty kids who signed up and came to join us! And over the six years since we began, our numbers have grown to over a hundred. It's been crazy!”

And that was just the beginning. Many of the children have professed faith in Christ, and their families began attending church events and services. As a result, unchurched, Hindu, Muslim, and even atheist families have trusted Christ and are now part of Turning Point Church. 

The connection between church, school, and families has only deepened over time. Kids from Beach Club and their families can be seen at every Turning Point Church event.

For example, the church hosts a harvest festival every year complete with bounce houses, food, and fun of all sorts.

It's become a huge event in the community, bringing unchurched families into contact with the good news of Christ. 

Many of Ray’s and Nancy’s church students, Knights in their discipleship program, help at the KiDs Beach Club®. And some of the students at the Beach Club who came to the church with their families ended up joining the Knights at Turning Point Church.

And the relationship with the local schools has deepened, answering the church’s prayers. The church is now an integrated part of the local school, celebrating and supporting the teachers and staff. 

As a result of their partnership with KiDs Beach Club®, not only has Jesus been brought into the local school, but the children and teachers at the local school are actually welcomed into the church building.

The Church hosts a “Math-a-ween” event for the local school in the church's own building each fall. The church provides snacks and games for the school children to enjoy, complete with artificial “campfires.” 

To this day, Ray and Nancy greet every student when they enter the club and cherish every moment they spend with their new family. Meanwhile, attendance at Turning Point Church has continued to grow in the past six years since the Club began.

Thanks to its partnership with KiDs Beach Club®, the church was able to get outside the walls of the church and into the hearts of the students and the surrounding community.


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