Feb 28 6:40 AM

KiDs Beach Club® Partners with Cuurio

Feb 28 6:40 AM
Feb 28 6:40 AM

Meet Danny and Suzanne Davis, vital members of a non-profit organization called Cuurio.

Cuurio partners with organizations like KiDs Beach Club® to leverage technology, specifically the internet, to present Biblical answers to people searching for felt needs. Every single day there are at least 500 million Google searches for things like "Why am I depressed?" and "Is there any hope for me?" Felt-need themes in common searches include suicide, hope, purpose, family, marriage, divorce, and the list goes on.

KiDs Beach Club® is partnering with Cuurio to equip families and educators with resources to shape the character of today's preteens and give them an answer to life's questions.

"As it turns out in these last 10 or 15 years, the internet has actually flipped everything upside-down.
The world's biggest taxi company owns no vehicles.The world's biggest hotel company owns no buildings.
We live in a digital economy that has exploded and engulfed everything."

                                              -- Danny Davis, Cuurio

Questions people used to bring to friends or their pastor are now being brought to Google. People are empty and searching for hope. As Christians, we have the answer, and it's found in Jesus!

How does Cuurio help people find Jesus in their darkest hour?

They create content that answers questions, and then they use their proprietary software to make sure it shows up well in search. When people Google "Is there any hope for me?" they can click through and find Cuurio. People who are searching for answers find Cuurio's page...and Jesus! Those searching can watch a video that presents the plan of salvation, connect to a local church, and even connect with a counselor at no charge. Cuurio's prayer is that God will let them be a part of building the body of Christ online, working together with other ministries to fulfill the Great Commission, just as God intended.

Here's some additional notable quotes from the podcast, just in case you don't have time to watch it for yourself!

This is the first time in history that millions and millions of people all come to the same place every day and they stand there and say, "Hey can someone help us?"

"When you reach the children, you reach the whole family. So, when you reach the children, you reach the older generation, but you also reach the future generations." 

Be sure to check out Cuurio online and click the button below to watch the full podcast! 



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