Jul 24 10:50 AM

Lee Strobel Praises KiDs Beach Club® for Giving Bibles, Hope to Kids

Jul 24 10:50 AM
Jul 24 10:50 AM

Amazing! That’s the only word that seems to describe the 2017 Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner July 14 in the Grand Ballroom of the Speedway Club at Texas Motor Speedway. The night focused on the ministry’s continuing vision to provide every third to sixth grade child a Jesus experience within the culture of their public school.

“This is an audacious vision that God has given these people, and it excites me,” said keynote speaker Lee Strobel. Strobel is the author of The Case for Christ, and a teaching pastor at Woodlands Church in The Woodlands, Texas.

Strobel emphasized the importance of raising today’s young people to be strong in their faith, because they are the leaders of tomorrow. He also expressed concern in current trends.

“There’s no question,” Strobel said, “today we are facing a crisis of faith among young people.”

He gave these statistics:

  • Only 56 percent of millennials consider themselves to be Christians.
  • Only 62 percent of millennials are confident that God exists, compared to 82 percent of baby boomers.
  • Overall, the number of atheists and agnostics has more than doubled in recent years.

Strobel cited one cause being that young people have tough questions about their faith, but no one who is willing to discuss them. Strobel talked about his own journey down this path, which ultimately led to atheism and immorality.

“That’s the path that some of these young kids are going to be taking unless somebody intersects with them at a young age and brings them hope through Jesus Christ,” Strobel said.

KiDs Beach Club® wants to make this intersection, and provide kids with tools to stand strong in their faith. One of the key pieces to this is providing each child a Bible, which we are able to do because of your continued support. 

“Hebrews 4:12 says that the word of God is active and it’s alive,” Strobel said. “We’re not putting something powerless and anemic in people’s hands; we’re putting the word of God in the hands of these young children who are at the perfect age.”

As a result of the Benefit Dinner, KiDs Beach Club® will be placing an order for another 14,000 Bibles to hand out to children in public elementary schools.

Strobel encouraged donors that by partnering with KiDs Beach Club®, “We can help turn the tide and reverse the current trend of millennials turning away from Christ. 

“Why can’t they be the greatest generation that has ever lived for Jesus Christ?” he said. ‘They can. With our encouragement, with our investment in their lives and their spiritual development, with the Bibles we can give them, who knows what they’re gonna bring to this world as they spread this message of hope and grace and love and forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ.”

If you were unable to attend the Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner and would like to support this cause, please visit kidsbeachclub.org/bibles.



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