Apr 12 10:06 AM

Making Great Treasure Day Special for Everyone

Apr 12 10:06 AM
Apr 12 10:06 AM

Now that Great Treasure Day has become a regular event, more churches are getting creative with how they make the day even more special for all the children in Beach Club, not just those who are getting a KiDs Beach Club® Explorer’s Study Bible for the first time.

Some churches decide to throw big parties for their Beach Club on Great Treasure Day, celebrating the joy and delight of receiving God’s word. Other clubs take a more intentional route to focus on the gift of God’s word, highlighting His gift of salvation in a longer story time. Other churches elect to personalize each Bible.

Some churches take the path of personalizing the Bibles with handwritten notes on the inside covers. Kids at Hodges Elementary School are given their new Bible with a note somewhere in the Bible, but they don’t know where. Kids immediately begin searching for it and are excited to read the note when they find it.

Some children even ask their surf team leaders to write them a note as well. Members of Hickory Tree Baptist Church spend time in their Sunday school classes to write these notes.

“It is vital for Hickory Tree Baptist Church to take the time to personalize each kids’ KBC Bible,” Jason Points, the church’s children’s pastor, said. “This shows the kids that we are behind them and rooting for them. When these kids begin questioning the chaos and evil around them or struggle through an identity crisis and pick up their Bible, they will know there are others who have gone before them and who are on their journey with them.”

Women at Wildwood Baptist Church have a sewing club that meets regularly and as a part of their ministry, they decided they could get involved in the work their church is doing with KiDs Beach Club®. Their idea lets them help right from their sewing meetings. They take part in making Great Treasure Day a special celebration for their church’s Beach Club at Moss Elementary School by sewing a cover and bookmark for each child who receives a Bible. This year, the first year for the club, that count was close to 100 Bibles!

Club leaders at Lake Ridge Bible Church organize an event right before Great Treasure Day at Kimball Elementary in Mesquite, where church members “adopt” a child who will receive a Bible. Church members are given basic information about the children in their Beach Club, including his or her name, age, birthday and whether or not they go to church. Church members pick a child and commit to be in prayer for that child throughout the year.

They also write a note and stick it in the Bible that their child will receive on Great Treasure Day. Some people take this “adoption” to heart and even send cards and gifts for their child’s birthday. After Great Treasure Day, a bulletin board at the church is filled with pictures so the church members can put a face to the name of their “adopted” child.

No matter how churches choose to make Great Treasure Day special for every child in Beach Club, the most important part is just putting that Bible in their hands. 

Thank you for your continued support in making sure God’s word is given to every child in every Beach Club®! Please make plans now to join us July 14 for the Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner presented by Home Point Home Medical Equipment, featuring keynote speaker Lee Strobel.




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