Aug 31 10:11 AM

New Church Partner in Arkansas Collects Money for Beach Club During VBS

Aug 31 10:11 AM
Aug 31 10:11 AM

It’s always exciting when a new church partner starts a Beach Club, but it’s even more exciting when they’re in a new state. This fall, Grand Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Smith, Ark., has the distinction of starting the first Beach Club in Arkansas at nearby Albert Pike Elementary.

Grand Avenue recently prepared for this ministry by promoting Beach Club at their Vacation Bible School. Moreover, they gave VBS attendees the opportunity to be involved in the outreach by designating the week’s offering for Beach Club.

“Anybody want to know what that money’s going to help do?” Sherry Goodrum, one of the VBS leaders and a teacher at the church, excitedly asked her young audience. “It’s actually going to go for a really cool activity. It’s called KiDs Beach Club®.”

She enthusiastically explained the purpose of Beach Club to the VBS attendees –many of whom are students at Pike Elementary, and thus potential Beach Clubbers.

“KiDs Beach Club® is an innovative ministry established to mobilize the church to go outside of the walls. You know that the church needs to go outside the walls to make sure that the message of Christ gets to the heart of our communities.”

She also described what kids can expect at Beach Club meetings, “We’re going to tell the truth of scripture at these meetings, every time, in an effort to make sure that Jesus is cool at school.” 

Goodrum presented this information as a lead-in to the offering, which was collected throughout the week in traditional VBS fashion: boys against the girls, with Goodrum getting a pie in the face if the boys won, and a male leader facing the same fate if the girls won.

Despite all the fun and competition, Goodrum ultimately directed the focus back to the unified effort of raising funds for Beach Club.

“The money raised during the VBS will help to purchase Bibles,” she said. “Isn’t that awesome, for others to hear about Jesus’ love?”

At week’s end, they had collected $718 for Beach Club. As for the competition, the girls won, sparing Goodrum from the pie. More importantly though, the kids at Grand Avenue had a valuable opportunity to participate in outreach, learning at a young age to help and pray for one another.

In addition to Arkansas, KiDs Beach Club® will also expand this fall to Ohio, marking the ministry’s 11th state

As Beach Clubs around the country enter the new school year, consider how you can create opportunities for your church family – young and old alike – to contribute to your Beach Club. Click here to find out how you can get involved in Beach Club.




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