Oct 10 2:23 PM

KiDs Beach Club® Blessed Beyond Measure on NTX Giving Day

Oct 10 2:23 PM
Oct 10 2:23 PM

There are opportunities in life to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Those opportunities come to both individuals and organizations. NTX (North Texas) Giving Day is one of those opportunities for non-profit organizations in the North Texas area. KiDs Beach Club® was blessed to be a part of this event, the largest online giving event in the world.

Our goal for NTX Giving Day was to raise $20,000. We felt that was an obtainable goal but still a stretch goal that only God could accomplish.

One new strategy to reach this goal was calling previous donors. KBC leaders were unsure what to expect from these calls, but unexpected blessings became a regular part of the conversations.

“In the days leading up to NTX Giving Day, I had the privilege to talk one on one with quite a few of our past donors,” shared KBC Special Projects Director Beth Banfill. “God gave us some amazing conversations and prayer times together. We’ve got the best donors in the world. Seriously, hands down!”

Also, as in previous years, WBAP radio show host Chris Krok partnered with KBC to solicit donations for NTX Giving Day. Krok has been a long-time supporter of KiDs Beach Club and welcomed both KBC President and Founder Jack Terrell and KBC-TV Executive Producer Dr. Frank Banfill onto his show to talk about KiDs Beach Club.

The final numbers are in, and indeed, only God could accomplish these results! Total gifts received totaled $34,485.98, with more than 80 individual donors responding!


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