Apr 24 12:16 PM

Parent Perspective

Apr 24 12:16 PM
Apr 24 12:16 PM



It's not uncommon to receive feedback from parents about their child's experience in Beach Club®. We hear stories almost weekly, and some are just too good not to share! Take a look at some of the great stories we've received, just in the last two weeks!

Heather's Story...
"Harper sealed the deal!" said one parent after their family attended a Good Friday service where the pastor built a cross on stage. Heather continued, "She started bawling when she saw Pastor John raise up the cross. Then he started talking about LOVE, and she looked up at me and said, 'that was our Beach Club® word yesterday!' I literally watched the realization that the cross means love click in her brain. It was so amazing to see it play out before my very eyes!"
-- Heather C. (parent and Beach Club® volunteer)

Jayun's Story...
"I like how my son reads the Bible regularly and is able to share what he learns from the bible with family. Also, I love hearing his prayer to God every morning before going to school. Without you and your team's passion and love for kids, this would have been so difficult. So I appreciate it every week!"
-- Jayun H. (parent)

Lori's Story...
"My child will actually be baptized this coming Sunday April 16th. She / we are so excited. I am so very thankful to ya'll for doing this at school. She has already signed up for summer camp also. I am so proud of her, this is one of the biggest steps she will make in her life. Thank you again for sharing with me."
-- Lori W. (parent)

Thank you to our volunteers who pour into the lives of each child in Club! Because of their commitment to leading top-notch clubs, combined with the power of the Gospel, kids lives are forever changed!


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