Oct 30 5:33 PM

Professions of Faith Closing in on 10,000!

Oct 30 5:33 PM
Oct 30 5:33 PM

This fall alone, KiDs Beach Clubs® across the country have witnessed 136 precious children make Jesus their Forever Friend. Add those 136 to the previous professions of faith witnessed in Clubs since the birth of KiDs Beach Club®, and the total is astounding: 9,848 precious children who have been added to the Kingdom!

This number continues to grow each week, and we are praying that God will allow us to see the 10,000th child make a decision for Him before the end of the year!

What do 10,000 kids look like? Well, here's a good visual to help you get your mind wrapped around the impact that YOU, our volunteers and partners are making for the Kingdom:

The average pumpkin size is about 7" in height. If we stacked 10,000 pumpkins, they would reach an astounding 5,833 feet into the air! (That's more than twice as high as the Empire State Building!)

Friends - this is something only God can do! Please pray with us for this upcoming milestone, and be sure to watch our kidsbeachclub.org home page to see our Impact numbers continue to grow!


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