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Mar 20 11:46 AM
Mar 20 11:46 AM

Ray and Nancy Baldwin, Turning Point Church, Crowley, Texas


Ray and Nancy Baldwin have been long-time advocates for KiDs Beach Club®. For more than 10 years, they have been Club leaders and eyewitnesses to the transformational impact that a Beach Club® can have in their community and their church.

But like many Club leaders since the pandemic, the Baldwins have experienced a major decline in weekly Beach Club® attendance. Their Club at Poynter Elementary School went from an average of 120 students each week to having only 20-30 each week. They've scratched their heads and tried to figure out the "why." Ultimately, they just kept pressing on, doing what God had called them to do to reach their community. Their job was to be obedient, and it was God's job to provide the kids. Well, we are here to tell you that God did indeed provide the kids...just not in the way they expected!

Every Tuesday, the Baldwins faithfully serve Poynter Elementary School through their Beach Club®. For years now, they have taken every opportunity to love on the school faculty and staff and be used however needed. Little did they know that their faithfulness would open BIG doors to minister to the entire student body! You see, school administrators recently asked Ray and Nancy to teach all 448 students about character every single Thursday. When asked if they would commit to this, they asked what parameters they had to follow. The answer was an astounding, "None. We trust you!" So on top of their Tuesday Beach Club®, they now teach the entire student body about character every Thursday!

God is rewarding their efforts, too. Since this new opportunity, they have seen students stop the principal in the hallway and pray for her on the spot. Another student told them, "I blessed my teacher today." When they asked how, the student replied, "I prayed for her." You know you're doing something right when you see the change right before your eyes, and that's a pretty exciting thing!

A few weeks ago, one student became very ill and fell unconscious. Paramedics were called on the scene, and emergency vehicles arrived, causing the school to be on lockdown. In God's providence, Ray and Nancy were already on the school campus when all this was taking place. Students were upset and afraid, and school administrators asked the Baldwins to station themselves in the school cafeteria, just in case any students needed to talk or wanted to pray. Ray and Nancy prayed for the student, and all across the room, students and teachers began praying. Afterward, the principal began walking toward the front. Ray and Nancy both wondered if their prayers were not well-received, but instead, the principal just gave them a big hug. "This was exactly the best response to the situation. Thank you!"

You know, none of these open doors in the community would be open if it weren't for Ray and Nancy's initial commitment to lead a Beach Club®, week after week, year after year. Beach Club® opened the door, but it was the faithfulness of the Baldwins to constantly look for new ways to reach their community that kept that door open, despite having a smaller number of kids in Club.

Thank you, Ray and Nancy, for once again sharing your great stories with us and for impacting your community, giving every boy and girl at Poynter Elementary a Jesus Experience!


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