Mar 20 12:57 PM


Mar 20 12:57 PM
Mar 20 12:57 PM


Positioned in the open area of Sunnyvale Intermediate School in Sunnyvale, Texas, is a massive 2-story corkscrew slide that culminates in the school's open-pit library.

Entrance to the slide is usually blocked off, as school administration is careful to reserve this experience for only the most special of occasions.

And special it was, because on February 14th, not only was it Valentine's Day, but it was Great Treasure Day for this school and its church partner First Baptist Church Sunnyvale! In honor of this special day for its Beach Club®, Principal Sara Staley opened up the slide to every child who was receiving their very own KiDs Beach Club® Study Bible! An exception was made for the first one down the slide, because he had his own Bible: Dr. Deron Biles, pastor of our partnering church.

We love hearing stories like this and seeing communities come together to celebrate the Great Treasure of God's Word! Enjoy the pictures below, especially the one of Dr. Biles making his landing!



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