Feb 26 8:41 PM

Take the KBC GEM Challenge

Feb 26 8:41 PM
Feb 26 8:41 PM

Have you ever made a recipe that calls for "packed brown sugar"? Why do you think it tells you to pack it down? The answer is obvious - so you can get out all the air pockets and get every little granule of sugar that the recipe calls to use.

Now think about that in terms of Luke 6:38. The Bible says, "Give, and it will come back to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over." When we give with open hands and the right heart attitude, God promises to return it to us in abundance. Will He always return it to us monetarily? No, but He will return it to us in blessings overflowing, with no air pockets taking up the space where sweet sugar-filled blessings should be!

KBC GEMs (those who Give Every Month) are so precious to the ongoing ministry of KBC. Our GEMs help sustain our finances, month by month. When you partner with us to become a GEM, it is a true partnership. You will be prayed for regularly and receive personalized communications throughout the year.

We invite you to take the KBC GEM Challenge and commit to being a monthly ministry partner with us at $19 / month for the next 12 months*.

The challenge is simple: GIVE and then watch God give back to you.


Becoming a GEM is easy, safe and secure!
Simply scan the QR code or click on the GEM Logo above.
Choose your monthly donation amount.
Then complete the form & submit.
(Yes - It's that easy!)

*The monthly commitment amount will automatically renew each month until you notify us to stop.


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