May 16 10:52 AM

The Cover Up: A Unique Way to Share the Gospel

May 16 10:52 AM
May 16 10:52 AM

There is no doubt that you have experienced someone trying to explain something to you that you just couldn’t wrap your head around, but after they used a visual aide, it made perfect sense.

That is exactly what the leaders at Southaven Intermediate School in Southaven, Miss., did to share the gospel with their club. 

Brown Missionary Baptist Church, which partners with KiDs Beach Club® to sponsor the club, has a Beach Club of more than 100 children, and club leaders and volunteers need to keep the kids engaged to ensure that Beach Club runs smoothly. This is especially necessary during the weekly Bible Story. 

In one of the last meetings before the Beach Club ended for the summer, the storyteller decided to try a new method of presenting the gospel, which he called “The Cover Up.” It was an extremely unique idea that included different colored t-shirts to tell the gospel through layering, modifying and removing them to show each colored shirt at the right time to better illustrate the gospel. 

He started in the beginning with the story of Adam and Eve. He had on a brown t-shirt representing the dust of the earth. He shared with the children how God's creation was perfect and good. 

He donned a white t-shirt next to represent pure and holy fellowship with God. Then he explained how sin entered the world through the serpent deceiving Adam and Eve in the garden and the two eating the forbidden fruit. 

Next, he put on a black t-shirt to represent sin. Explaining how this disappointed God and separated Adam and Eve from God, he told the children how much God loved them in spite of their sin and told them about Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross. 

He then donned a red t-shirt representing the blood of Christ that covered the sin. 

After further explaining the forgiveness of sin, he removed the red and black t-shirts, revealing the white shirt again. He explained how we still sin, which he demonstrated by putting black spots on the white t-shirt, but covered them with red (the blood of Jesus) spots to “remove” the black blemishes. 

After this, he covered the spotted shirt with a bright highlighter, neon yellow t-shirt representing that we are to let our "light" shining for Jesus. He used this time to review many of the character words they had learned this year and how those words could be applied to letting your light shine.

He then presented an invitation to any students who were still "dressed in the black t-shirt" to believe in the blood of Jesus and forgiveness of sin and invited them to "wear the white t-shirt.”

“I don't think I've ever heard a gospel presentation to kids that was as illustrative as this,” said Vickie Sneed, the KBC club relations specialist for Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. “He clearly painted a picture through the t-shirts that the kids could visualize and understand.”

The club leaders had the opportunity to counsel two students following this Gospel particular presentation, with one electing to make a profession of faith. 




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