May 29 2:09 PM

The Nations Seek Out KiDs Beach Club®!

May 29 2:09 PM
May 29 2:09 PM

Media and ministry leaders from around the world sought out KiDs Beach Club® (KBC) during last week’s National Religious Broadcasters Convention (NRB) in Orlando, Florida. KBC is a member of NRB and exhibited at the event, which drew nearly 4,000 Christian communicators from across the globe.  

“We met with Christian leaders ministering in Romania, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Canada, Norway, South Korea, Guatemala, Pakistan, Iran, Sweden, India, Israel, the Balkans and other places,” said Dr. Frank Banfill, KBC’s Executive Vice President who represented KBC at the event. "They all said the same thing: 'We desperately need the KiDs Beach Club® television program! If you can put it into our language, we will be able to reach masses of children and families for Christ!'"  

One ministry that works in Pakistan explained that they not only have ways of distributing the program to the world’s 100 million Urdu speakers, but they have a staffed Urdu call center that people can call 24-7 using the popular communications tool WhatsApp. They put a WhatsApp phone number on the screen with their programming, and they are personally leading people to faith in Christ every single day! Dr. Banfill shared, “they felt our TV show in Urdu would have a profound effect on reaching families because there is very little children’s programming available.”  

Global leaders repeatedly approached the booth, commenting on the amazing quality of our show and its unique focus on preteens. They expressed how this show could be a game-changer in reaching people with the Gospel. The KiDs Beach Club® show was displayed on a screen at the KBC exhibit booth, and a trailer of it was shown to TV industry executives during the convention.  

The cost of dubbing the KBC TV series into each new language is about $50,000. “As part of our strategy plan for 2023, we are seeking to dub the program into Spanish, Portuguese, and Farsi at a cost of $150,000. Now with this open door with Urdu, we are praying that God will provide $200,000 this year so we can put the show into all four languages,” said Dr. Banfill. Nearly 15% of the world’s population speaks one of these four languages.  

Could God be calling you to help reach large portions of the non-English speaking world by sponsoring the dubbing of KiDs Beach Club® television? Please contact us if you are interested, or click the below "Designate: Dubbing" button to help translate KBC TV into new languages!

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Christian Television Network (CTN) President Yolanda Morris
stopped by the KBC booth a few times during the NRB Convention.
We had to snap a picture, alongside husband Brian Morris and KBC's Dr. Frank and Beth Banfill.
CTN has been a huge supporter and partner of KBC TV since its beginning
and currently airs the show on all of its 24 stations across the US.


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