Nov 16 4:17 PM

Unwrapping the Gift of a Bible on Great Treasure Day

Nov 16 4:17 PM
Nov 16 4:17 PM

Thanks to your donations in support of KiDs Beach Club®, we are able to provide Bibles to every child in each Beach Club across the country. Partnering churches do a fantastic job of telling theses children how God’s word is truly a gift to us that should be treasured. One church in West Texas emphasizes that fact by wrapping each Bible it hands out in a different, yet meaningful way.

First United Methodist Church in Lubbock, Texas, has sponsored a Beach Club at Bayless Elementary for several years, and they have been using a special method of wrapping the KBC Explorer’s Study Bibles since their first Great Treasure Day four years ago.

Their unique method wraps the Bibles in three different layers of wrapping paper like a present. Each layer has a significance to share with the children some reasons why their Bible is something to treasure. The idea first came from the church’s children’s director.

“The first time she did it,” club leader Leslie Moss said. “I thought that is what we need to do.”

The Bibles are brought to club ready to be unwrapped by the children. The outside layer that everyone sees at first is plain brown paper. This layer represents history. The Bible has stood the test of time and is also full of truth that is still relevant today.

The middle layer is bright and fun superhero or comic book wrapping paper. This paper helps show that the Bible is packed full of heroes and fun adventures.

The final layer before their new Bible is revealed is fancy gold paper, which helps the children see that the Bible is something to be treasured. It is worth more than gold and should be read and cherished, not thrown aside or kept on the shelf.

They considered other ideas for layers like wrapping the Bibles in a layer of newspaper to share how the Bible is full of good news to us. Or, wrapping the Bibles in old maps since the Bible is a map for us to live our lives well. The volunteers also thought of wrapping them with a layer of blueprint paper because the Bible is a blueprint on how to live our lives.

“The children are precious,” Moss said. “Ninety percent carefully open each layer and many of the children save the wrapping paper.”

The coolest thing about presenting the Bibles this way is the kids vividly remember the meanings and the symbolisms of each paper. If a child misses Great Treasure Day and receives their Bible later, their whole surf team chimes in to explain each part and what it represents.

“It is exciting to see the difference we are making in these kids’ lives,” Moss said.

She finds giving the kids their Bibles this way helps them better understand how important the gift of a Bible is. Great Treasure Day will be a lasting memory for every child who attends Beach Club at Bayless Elementary!




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