May 04 12:13 PM

Volunteering Across The Generations

May 04 12:13 PM
May 04 12:13 PM

The classroom began to come alive as the volunteers busied themselves with all the final touches.  The minutes were ticking away and then it was time to join hands and pray for the KiDs Beach Club® meeting that was about to begin at Pearson Elementary School.

Across the room, generations gathered to share the everlasting truths of God’s word with the next generation.  “I want to see the younger generations make God the center of everything,” said Jennifer Brumbaugh, high school student and volunteer at KiDs Beach Club®.  “It creates a happier place when God is at the center of it.”

“I enjoy seeing kids learn about God and connect it to everything so that it will all make sense,” said Lauren Cook, student and KiDs Beach Club® volunteer. 

These and other students gather each week at Beach Clubs across the country to join with adult volunteers to share the gospel.  “I see older adults in passing at church, but by working side by side with them, I’m learning how to share the word of God,” said Jennifer. “The adults see things differently and I am able to learn from them.”  

Jennifer and Lauren are members of a high school club known as FTI (Future Teacher Internship). These future teachers are excited to see God’s word being presented in the schools and they are already noticing the difference that the character words are making in the lives of the students as they begin to catch themselves when they are not living out the character of Christ in the classroom.

“I was excited to volunteer and have the opportunity to work with children,” said Lauren. “These students are beginning to correct themselves as they are learning these character words each week.”

“Our adult volunteers enjoy working alongside of the teenagers.  They are sure to include them in the teaching activities,” said Suzanne Massey, Club Leader at Pearson Elementary. “They bring a fresh perspective and serve as role models to these students.”

The Gospel is timeless and the volunteers at KBC reflect the truth from Psalm 145:4 “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.” If you are not already a part of a KBC community, find your place today. Click here to find a club to serve at.


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