Jan 30 11:20 AM

Walmart Witness

Jan 30 11:20 AM
Jan 30 11:20 AM

Club leader Susan Jiura was getting ready for KiDs Beach Club® in the cafeteria of Sherrod Elementary in Arlington, Texas. She noticed a little boy with slicked back hair sitting in a chair across the room.

Jiura was intrigued by him and asked the lady who cleaned the cafeteria if she knew who he was. It turned out the little boy was this lady’s grandson. She was proud to tell Jiura that she and her husband were raising this boy, named Rylen.

Rylen’s grandmother went on to say he would sit in that seat every week and watch the other kids at Beach Club. He even sang the worship songs along with everyone. During the week, Rylen’s grandmother downloaded the worship songs to her phone so he could learn the words.

Jiura was so moved by the woman’s story that she made an exception and invited Rylen, who was only in kindergarten at the time, to join them in KiDs Beach Club®. The volunteers genuinely enjoyed mentoring Rylen from that young age until he was in fourth grade. Jiura also added, “I had the high honor of presenting him with his very first Bible, which he treasures.”

This school year, Rylen was unable to attend Sherrod Elementary. All of the Beach Club volunteers miss him and the impact he made in their club. Rylen’s grandmother recently sent them an update about him. 

Rylen now enjoys living out his faith by witnessing in Walmart. He boldly steps out to share the gospel to these strangers, sometimes getting some hard rejections. Brokenhearted, Rylen would ask his grandmother, “How can people not want Jesus in their lives?” 

May we all learn a little from Rylen and follow his example of sharing the gospel and loving on the people in our own communities.

How have you been able to share Jesus in your community lately? Parents, if your child in Beach Club has been stepping out in their faith we would love to hear about it! Tell us your story. Use #KiDsBeachClub in your social media posts or email us at news@kbcmail.org.




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