Dec 21 9:50 AM

Webster Named Distinguished Board Member

Dec 21 9:50 AM
Dec 21 9:50 AM

Fray Webster was awarded with the Distinguished Board Member award for his six consecutive years of service on the KiDs Beach Club® Board of Directors.

In 2014, Webster came to a board meeting with the question, “What if we gave every child a Bible?” The idea came to him in is daily devotion that KiDs Beach Club® give every child in Beach Club his or her own Bible, instead of giving only one Bible away each week. It took great faith to express this idea. But, because of Webster’s obedience along with the work and donations of countless others, we now celebrate Great Treasure Day. 

According to fellow Board Member Steve Thomas, Webster was “one of the best board members. Fray was generous in his time, ideas and monetary contributions. He devoted a lot of energy to furthering the message of KBC.” Thomas went on to say Webster was “tireless in his efforts.”

Webster will still be a friend of KiDs Beach Club® and will continue to serve the Lord at First Baptist Church Euless and through the entrepreneurship of his business, the Bramata Company.




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