Nov 14 10:22 AM

We’re Not Just About Giving Bibles to Kids; We’re About Teaching the Bible, Too

Nov 14 10:22 AM
Nov 14 10:22 AM

If you know KiDs Beach Club®, by now you know Great Treasure Day is the day children are given a Bible of their very own. For most, the KBC Explorer’s Study Bible is their very first Bible. For some, it might even be the first Bible in their home. Sixty-two percent of children who enroll in Beach Club do not claim to have a church home. 

For many of these children, this is the first Bible they have interacted with on their own, so they don’t know how the Bible is structured. They don’t know how to find a book in the Bible or find a Bible verse.

Do you remember a time when you didn’t know what a Bible verse was? Do you recall the slight confusion to be told there are 66 books inside the Bible, which is a book itself? How about the amazement to turn all the way to page 1,291 right after it was just given to you to learn about the armor of God in Ephesians 6? For kids in Beach Club, this time is now.

KiDs Beach Club® not only wants to give every child their own Bible, but its also our responsibility to teach every child how to use their Bible.

In Beach Club at Spring Garden Elementary in Bedford, Texas, which is sponsored by Woodland Heights Baptist Church, volunteers are teaching kids how to use the Bible throughout an entire club. Woodland Heights provides their volunteers with a KBC Bible to use during club. They think it’s important they use the same Bible as the kids they’re teaching. While in Surf Teams, there is a “Focus on the Bible” time to help instruct the kids where that day’s Bible verses are found.

The kids begin Beach Club by looking up and marking the verses they will be reading that day for the story as well as the memory verse. The older kids are eager to help the younger ones as they learn to find the verses for themselves. During the story the children are called on to read and use their Bibles while they listen.

The Beach Club at Mary Moore Elementary in Arlington, Texas, reviews the books of the Bible each week before the club’s Bible connection leader shares the story.

“I love that this club is not only interested in teaching the lesson, but is also interested in teaching these children how to use a bible,” said Megan Brunner, an area director for KBC, who recently attended the club.

The volunteers at Spring Garden also go over the special “tip-in” pages that are specially made for the KBC Bible that discuss topics like salvation and spending time with God. The very first tip-in page of the KBC Explorer’s Study Bible shows “How to Use This Bible,” specifically pointing out where page numbers are located and how each book, verse and chapter are identified in the Bible.

To encourage spending time reading their Bible outside of club, kids are given a “Hang 10” page each week. These pages have different challenges on them to get the kids praying and reading their Bibles five times throughout the week. The goal is to encourage children to spend 10 minutes each day reading the Bible or in prayer. Club leaders at Spring Garden celebrate children who return their Hang 10 pages the next week with a parent signature.

“It is an immense privilege to stand in an elementary school and give a Bible and show the kids how to use their Bible, to teach from the Bible, and then encourage the kids to read it at home,” club leader Stephanie Thames said. “The kids are ecstatic to receive a Bible of their own.”

Your monthly support for Bibles for Beach Club does not just put a Bible in the hand of a child for one special day. It helps KiDs Beach Club® equip and train volunteers to teach kids how to read the Bible and how to make it a part of their lives forever.




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