Mar 07 2:07 PM

You Are a Beach Club Ambassador

Mar 07 2:07 PM
Mar 07 2:07 PM

Did you know that you are a KiDs Beach Club® brand ambassador? No, really. You are!

You have a distinct tie to our organization. Whether you are a parent of a child who attends Beach Club, a volunteer who gives your time, a donor who gives financially, a teacher or administrator who enjoys having Beach Club in your school or a staff member at a church that partners with KiDs Beach Club®, you have a KBC story to tell and we hope you are sharing it with others.

“An ambassador is a person who represents, speaks for or promotes a particular organization, group of people, activity or brand,” said Todd Lamb, the communications director at KiDs Beach Club®. “You know us. You are bought into what we do, so that makes you a brand ambassador. Why? You’re already on board. You’re passionate about our mission and our vision. You want to help us grow clubs and the number of kids attending each Beach Club. You want to help us grow our volunteer base and you’re connected in your community and at your church.”

Some of our volunteers do a fantastic job sharing the stories they experience in Beach Club with our communications team in the corporate office. That’s how we are able to pass them along to those who have a vested interested in our ministry. We share those stories in our newsletters like the Surf Report or the Bibles for Beach Club newsletter and on our social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that you can see the difference you’re making in the ministry.

“We would love for you to share what we share with you to your friends on social media and in face-to-face conversations or by forwarding our newsletters to those in your personal network,” Lamb said. “It will just mean more coming from someone they already know rather than something that only comes from our organization. It gives you the chance to personalize your experience with KiDs Beach Club® to your personal network.”

Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, says this about an organization’s brand, “Your brand is what others say about you when you’re not in the room.”

In 2019, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful tools we have as an organization and we want to better equip you to be able to share Beach Club stories with your friends and colleagues.

When someone asks you about KiDs Beach Club®, what do you tell them? You probably tell them we’re an after-school Bible club meeting in public schools; that we’re sharing the gospel with kids; that we teach character through the lens of scripture; that we give kids Bibles; and that we’re making Jesus cool at school!

Do you know our mission and our vision?

KiDs Beach Club® is an innovative ministry established to mobilize the church to go outside its walls in order to take the message of Jesus Christ into the heart of its community. Our vision is to provide every third- through sixth-grade boy and girl a Jesus experience within the culture of the public school! We are connecting kids to Christ and putting Bibles in their hands.

Those are the two most important things you can tell others about us, but do you know how the early story about how Beach Club started? Do you know why we’re called KiDs Beach Club® or why we capitalize the “D” in KiDs?

When your friends see why you’re so passionate about our ministry, they may want to support it, too. We have had a clear goal of 200 Beach Clubs and now that the goal is within reach, continued growth remains a priority.

By sharing your stories about KiDs Beach Club® within your realm of influence, it will help us to reach even more kids with the gospel of Jesus Christ in their public school and to impact these communities for God’s kingdom.

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