An Introduction

As KiDs Beach Club® launches ENVISION2k25, we believe that God is calling us to maximize our resources to make the biggest impact we possibly can in this generation. We believe that God has given us a proven model of reaching communities through public schools and that now is the time to multiply that model in ways that we’ve not thought possible before.

We believe that God is calling us to tenfold growth during the next five years and we have prayerfully sought His guidance for this five-year strategic plan. ENVISION2k25 will allow KiDs Beach Club® to move from an addition ministry that adds a couple dozen Beach Clubs each year to a multiplication ministry that adds hundreds of new Beach Clubs annually and impacts 100,000 students and 2,000 communities through 25,000 volunteers on a weekly basis by January 2025.


10x5 Strategy – Three Key Objectives

  1.  Create an organization that is conducive to reaching and sustaining 2,000 clubs

  2.  Execute a club growth strategy that will enable the start of 1,800 clubs during the next five years

  3.  Fund the growth and operations of the clubs during the next five years

Four New Programs + One New Project

As part of our efforts to accomplish our goals, we will launch four new programs and one new project.

  • Elite Volunteer Program
    Volunteers who will help administrate the field ministry

  • Church-to-Church Mentoring Program
    Veteran KBC church partners help new KBC partnering churches launch and grow their clubs

  • Leadership Development Program (Internal)
    Systematic training and development of KBC leaders and managers

  • Point of Entry Donor Development Program
    Systematic approach to introduce KiDs Beach Club® to potential donors

  • Reorganized Training Project
    Revamping how KiDs Beach Club® trains clubs and volunteers in order to accommodate club

Add 388 New Clubs by January 2021

  • 200 by hiring and resourcing four mobilizers (salespeople)

  • 60 through corporate initiatives

  • 78 through club relations specialists

  • 50 through partnerships


The chart below sets out realistic growth goals for each team responsible for club growth. To reach the goals identified in ENVISION2k25, KiDs Beach Club® must add 1,800 new clubs by January 2025. If each team is successful, KiDs Beach Club® will far exceed its organizational goal.



Read more about the impact KiDs Beach Club® is making in public schools by connecting kids to Christ and putting Bibles in their hands, and find out more about ENVISION2k25.


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