Mar 11 10:58 AM

Feeling Frazzled?

Mar 11 10:58 AM
Mar 11 10:58 AM

In our recent workshop led by Robin Dembicki of Dallas Bible Church, we learned that there is hope for ministering to high-need children.  You know them, right? Perhaps they live in a single parent home, have ADD, experience emotional distress or have a parent who is addicted to alcohol or drugs. 

When we deal with children in our Beach Clubs who are facing such issues we must remember that behind every behavior is a circumstance.  As leaders, we “see actions and words, but what we don’t see are the thoughts behind the actions,” Robin shared.  It is our desire to go beyond the behavior of a child to the heart where true transformation begins. 

At Beach Club, “we are the voice of influence and the greatest thing we can do for these kids is to tell them that we believe in them,” Robin said as she shared with club volunteers from Arlington, Dallas and Caddo Mills, Texas.

Don’t forget that we too are high-need children. All of us are in need of His grace and forgiveness.  Robin encouraged us to love those kids, speak truth into their lives and to remember that every week should be a fresh start instead of a frazzled mess!


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